Indore : Exactly after a month, two ‘Green Corridors’ were created by the district administration to transport liver and kidney from Choithram Hospital to the City airport and Bombay Hospital, on Sunday.

With this, Indore becomes the first city in the country to create two green corridors simultaneously on Sunday.

Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Dubey led the process of transporting the organs from a 59-year-old Ramesh Asrani with the help of a team of doctors of Bombay Hospital, Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon and Choithram Hospital, NGO Muskan, City police and the residents.

“The first corridor was created for a stretch of 10-km from Choithram Hospital to the City Airport to transport liver of a brain dead patient to a hospital in Gurgaon through an air ambulance and another was created for a stretch of more than 12 km from Choithram Hospital to Bombay Hospital to transport kidney to a patient,” Dubey said.

He further said that the ambulance reached the airport in 8 minutes whereas car of Dr Rajesh Bharani, followed by an ambulance, reached Bombay Hospital only in 12 minutes.

Preparations for the Green Corridor was started from Saturday evening and it was successful when the first ambulance left the hospital at 11.44 am and later the doctors left the hospital, escorted by a police van, at 11.59 am.

Amid preparations for the festival, the city people also contributed in the successful creation of corridor and stopped their vehicles for smooth transportation of the organs.

NGO and admn convinced family for donation

A property broker by profession, Ramesh Asrani was admitted to Anand Hospital on Thursday due to cerebral haemorrhage and was declared brain dead on Saturday.

After learning about the situation of patient, NGO Muskan’s Jeetu Wadhani convinced Asrani’s family members for organ donation, who were willing to donate cornea only.

After convincing the family members, they informed the Divisional Commissioner and shifted the body to Choithram Hospital.

“Blood pressure of the patient was not stable which made the situation complex. However, we asked the Medanta doctors to come to Indore for taking the liver and searched other patients through the registry of Indore Organ Donation Society,” the Commissioner said adding “they are providing medical insurance to the family of the donor through the organ donation society and will also provide every possible help to the family further.”

Kidneys transplanted

to a man and woman, corridor prepared in Gurgaon too Liver of Asrani was transplanted to a patient in Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon and it was transported to the hospital through the corridor prepared by the administration there.

One of the kidneys of the patient was transplanted to a 38-year-old man, Deepak Verma of Vidisha. He was living in the city with his brother and was on dialysis for last 8 months.

“We have successfully transplanted the kidney to the patient who was in waiting for the last 8 months.We completed the preparations by morning and I myself brought the organ from Choithram Hospital,” senior nephrologist of Bombay Hospital Dr Rajesh Bharani said.

Similarly, another kidney of the patient was transplanted to a woman in Choithram Hospital by Dr Pradeep Salgiya.

“There were some medical complications before harvesting liver and other organs as the patient was suffering from hypertension. We had to stabilise his blood pressure first and by managing other odds we successfully made it once again,” Dr Salgiya said. Not only kidneys and liver but cornea of the donor is also given to MK International Eye Bank and skin is given to the skin bank in Choithram Hospital.

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