Swami Chitranga

Coimbatore: Responding to Sadhguru's call to show solidarity with #FreeTNTemples movement with a silent video, thousands of people from across nationalities, including celebrities and notable figures, joined in to make the hashtag #SilentSupport among the top trends on Twitter in India on Wednesday.

"44,000 Tamil Temples are in a state of decay. If you share my anguish, take a few moments, shoot a video of yourself standing silently and post on social media. May your silent support ring in the ears of law makers and compel them to #FreeTNTemples," Sadhguru wrote on Twitter.

Social media influencer Shilpa Reddy shared a silent video on Instagram with the caption: "Demonstrating solidarity to save our rich Cultural energy centres."

Support for the movement even came from across the border with Sajan Permar, a Twitter user from Pakistan, joining Sadhguru's campaign to free temples in Tamil Nadu from government control. "#FreeTNTemples. It's silent appeal, not a protest," he wrote on Twitter.

Actress Mouni Roy, who recently visited the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, took to Instagram to express her support for the cause.

"Silence speaks louder than words. Your involvement can have a huge impact in this effort to free Tamil Nadu's temples from government control," she said, tagging Sadhguru and Isha Foundation.

Several other personalities including Alisha Singh, Tanvi Shah, Sumit Kaul and Tanya Chaudhary showed their support with the hashtag #SilentSupport.

Sadhguru's campaign to free temples in Tamil Nadu from government control has created an outpouring of community anguish at being denied the fundamental right to worship. Celebrities, industry leaders, media, seers and even politicians have joined the growing number of ordinary citizens supporting the campaign which has become a national movement.

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