Rahul Kanwal takes dig at 'batty' Arnab without naming, claims it’s a network game

As Arnab Goswami continued being in the news for his claims that his vehicle was attacked by ‘Congress goons’, television journalist Rahul Kanwal from India Today took a dig at Goswami, without naming him.

“If you think someone’s gone more batty than usual, look at TV ratings graph. There’s a fast developing global story breaking. His network has NO CLUE about how to cover it. Communalise+capitalise is formula they know. Viewers watching India Today enmasse. Panic showing elsewhere (sic).”

“You set up a nightly cock fight. Initially it has novelty. Then viewers get bored. It’s repetitive. Predictable. Ratings nose dive. You go crazy. Pressure starts showing. Ratings slip further. Then suddenly you are on the edge. How low can one go? That’s the big question,” he said, adding there’s news, there’s noise. We are so glad viewers can tell the difference and this shrill communalise + capitalise bogey is being called out by those who matter most, the viewers. This is a global medical crisis. You need deep insights and sobriety. Not a staged fish market.

While many of us do not agree with Arnab’s school of journalism, Rahul Kanwal should be the last person to point questions at him. In 2018, Kanwal did a mock simulation of the CRPF fighting with Naxals in Chhattisgarh. Kanwal is seen diving and moving like a man dressed for battle, all the time asking the CRPF officer a number of questions.

Besides this, Kanwal has also been criticised for propagating ‘fake news’, and taking the same political stance as Arnab when it comes to favouring the current Central government.

Early Thursday morning, Arnab Goswami, the editor of television channel Republic TV, took to the channel’s Twitter handle to post a video, claiming that he had been attacked by ‘Congress goons’ and had filed a complaint with Mumbai’s NM Joshi Marg police station. Two people have been arrested for their alleged role in the attack so far.

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