'My brother is not a rapist': Sibling of Gurugram teen who committed suicide writes emotional note, says 'not related to bois locker room'
'My brother is not a rapist': Sibling of Gurugram teen who committed suicide writes emotional note, says 'not related to bois locker room'
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A day after the Bois Locker Room controversy surfaced online, a class 12 student from Gurugram committed suicide after he was accused of molesting a girl. The deceased, a resident of DLF Carlton Estate, jumped from the balcony of his flat on 11th floor of the building at around 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

The teen’s brother has issued a statement on social media asserting that his brother was not a rapist and added that it had nothing to do with the Bois Locker Room, since the incident for which he was accused is said to be two years ago.

The post read, “He was Manav Singh, my brother, a 17 yrs old student of The Heritage School, Gurugram. Two days ago a girl posted a story talking about an event which took place around two years ago; when Manav was only 14-15 y/o. in this story she accused him of molestation and rape while claiming she has no proof of it.

After her story got viral Manav received threat calls and messages and was harassed by the girl and her friends after which he tried to defend himself and also told his friends that he is innocent but he couldn't handle the constant threats and believed that his side of the story would not be heard. He was under tremendous pressure and had a panic attack and impulsively decided to commit suicide.

After hearing what Manav did, that girl posted another story which said that if he couldn't handle this pressure then it’s not her fault.

I just can’t believe how that girl can be so cruel and she didn't repent for a second what she wrote which not only led to a young kid’s demise but also shattered his family's life. Nobody gives you the right to defame anyone.

She should have gone to the authorities to file a complaint if she thought that she was right but no law gives her the right to be the judge, jury and the executioner. No law gives her the right to defame an innocent person. Social media made my brother a rapist overnight because that girl wrote that he did something which he did not. He was not proven guilty and he was not a rapist and I urge everyone to stop calling him that.

Defamation on social media can be harmful to the mental health of people and we as a family stand proof to how devastating a mere story on Instagram can be.

People should realise the repercussions of their actions. It is very well said that with great power comes great responsibility and people on social media should realise this.

This girl’s action took my brother's life. She or no one can bring him back now. We lost the youngest member of our family and we still can’t believe Manav is no longer with us. He didn't deserve to die and we demand justice for him and we urge everyone to support and share this message as much as possible.”

The police official ruled out any foul play during preliminary investigation. The deceased has not left any suicide note. Further action will be taken only after detailed reports of his mobile analysis are received. As of now, legal proceedings under CrPC 174 have been initiated, states a report by IANS.

The Bois Locker Room is a chat group that was busted on Twitter for glorifying rape culture, sharing nude pictures of underage girls, objectifying and sexualising them. The Delhi Police has taken one of the boys into custody and is currently investigating the matter.

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