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Photo: Wikipedia

Nature works in mysterious ways.

With the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown in India, there have been a few bright spots when it comes to the environment. Pollution levels have gone down and one can argue that plants are thriving at this time. Many animals too have been spotted venturing out into the usual haunts of human beings.

But we seem to have missed the memo about hundreds of chickens hatching from discarded eggs amid the virus outbreak.

Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi gave many a moment of bemusement after taking to Twitter to post a video of "eggs which were thrown as waste because of corona" that had now hatched.

"The creation of nature (Fwded) Life has its own mysterious ways.." she wrote in the caption.

Now Twitter has had a field day with this post in the short while that it has been online. But before we get to that, let us consult science for a bit, shall we?

Eggs that are being sold for consumption are not fertilized. Which means that even if they were thrown out, there wouldn't be an embryo within the that could hatch. Now, even if we assume that there was some oversight and fertilized eggs were thrown out, in order to hatch an egg it requires an incubation period of about 21 days and a temperature of around 37° C.

We feel compelled to mention that is only Bedi and whatever forward she received that states these were eggs thrown out during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, there is absolutely no way to verify where or when this incident took place if one goes by the video.

Many on Twitter have now urged Bedi to uninstall WhatsApp from her phone.

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