Rebel AAP leader Kapil Mishra
Rebel AAP leader Kapil Mishra
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BJP leader Kapil Mishra on Thursday took to Twitter sharing a video to endorse a new media portal that he said would carry the words of the people and show what people wish to see. As as he put it, the answer was a new portal called Kreately Media, created by several deshbhakts.

This, Mishra said, would allow anyone to simply log in and pen down whatever their heart desires. You will not be edited, blocked or shadow banned, he assures, adding that the articles on this platform would reach thousands of people.

"The media is not showing the is not talking about what is in our heart," Mishra can be seen saying in the video. As he puts it, Kreately will let people express themselves and write about any topic they wish to address or feel strongly about.

According to the Kreately website, the intention of the platform is to "promote, protect and prosper with freedom of expression that unites us all". There does not seem to be much information available as to who runs the website or who founded it. The "who we are" section of the site has a rather oblique explanation, stating that "we are you, we speak your voice". The description however does seem to suggest that it is run by a group of people.

It is also unclear as to when exactly this website was started. While Mishra in his video notes that Kreately had shown massive growth over the last three months, it is possible that it has existed for far longer. The YouTube account linked with Kreately, where videos are routinely uploaded, for example says that the user joined on October 6, 2014. Kreately's first Instagram post however dates back to a mere 17 weeks (to July 2).

The Author page on the Kreately website features exactly a hundred profiles, including one of Kapil Mishra. While some of these accounts have photos and have social media accounts linked to the platform, others are completely anonymous, using pseudonyms and lacking a picture.

Going by the articles, the platform is quite popular, and sees many coming forth to express their views. The reports can also be spotted frequently on social media platforms, and have even been shared by Mishra himself. However, while freedom of speech and expression ought to be encouraged at all times, the lack of scrutiny has led to people at times sharing factually incorrect information on social media platforms. Over the last few months, there have been fact checking articles that quoted and debunked comments made by writers on the platform.

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