Did Pakistan Parliament really chant 'Modi Modi' against Imran Khan government?

Video clips of protests in the Pakistan parliament has gone viral, with many claiming that the dissenting lawmakers are chanting the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The moment in question comes while Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is addressing his peers.

Many, including those with verified Twitter handles and massive followings have tweeted out the video, alleging that there were "Baluchistan MPs raising Modi-Modi slogans in Pakistan Parliament". There have also been news articles speaking about the same.

A closer look at the clip however makes one far less certain about this claim. While several prominent publications have put forth articles claiming that they had been chanting "voting-voting" as well as "Modi-Modi", the latter is not distinguishable. While the two words may sound similar, many were convinced that there had been no mention of Prime Minister Modi in the video, despite the claims.

To give a bit of context to the situation, the chants for voting came moments after Qureshi begins speaking, and Khwaja Asif demanded voting in the house. In the video that has been shared repeatedly shared, the speaker can even be heard stating that people should stop sloganeering and give each other a chance to talk. "Voting will happen," he assures.

Since then, many other social media users have taken it upon themselves to fact-check the reports and claims. A tweeted video of the same that had been shared by a media organisation has also been deleted.

But the claims that Prime Minister Modi was mentioned in the Pakistan Parliament cannot be dismissed. While many have passed off the chant as being support for Prime Minister Modi, one wonders how the additional comments have been overlooked for the most part.

The video of the incident that was shared by BJP leader Tajinder Bagga provides one with additional details towards its end, when Qureshi mentions India and the Prime Minister. These slogans however are far less complimentary.

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