Tejasvi Surya
Tejasvi Surya

One of the most powerful people on earth - the US President - no longer has access to social media. In the wake of the Washington DC clashes that saw pro-Trump agitators storm the US Capitol the POTUS had been locked out of his account for some time. This 'ban' has now been extended and amplified by several other companies.

More specifically, President Donald Trump has been suspended from his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts even as other platforms delete some of his posts. Alongside, the 'Team Trump' Twitter handle has been suspended, and his efforts to tweet out his outrage from the US President's handle has been deleted.

And even as countless people across the world rejoiced over the latest developments, others lambasted Big Tech companies for the power that they felt was being unfairly wielded. Not only Republican leaders in the US, Indian BJP leaders have also lashed out at Twitter for their actions.

"De-platforming Donald Trump, a sitting US president, sets a dangerous precedent. It has less to do with his views and more to do with intolerance for a differing point. Ironically, those who claim to champion free speech are celebrating. Big tech firms are now the new oligarchs," tweeted BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya.

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya appeared to echo his concerns, opining that such companies posed a "threat to our democracies".

"If they can do this to POTUS, they can do this to anyone. Sooner India reviews intermediaries regulations, better for our democracy," he tweeted, tagging a government handle.

But while some see this as being problematic, other politicians have called for similar action to be taken against Indian leaders. In the wake of Facebook's 'indefinite' ban of Trump's account, TMC MP Mahua Moitra had taken to Twitter wondering when one could expect similar steps in India.

"Facebook/instagram ban Trump indefinitely for using platform to incite violence When can we expect the same standards & action against hate/fake news mongerers in India, Mr. Zuckerberg? Or are the risks to your business too great?" she asked.

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