Haryana: Stray bull swallows gold jewellery, family waits for animal to excrete it

In a bizarre incident, a stray bull swallowed gold jewellery which was discarded accidentally, along with kitchen waste in Kalanwali town in Sirsa district.

According to Tribune India, the family that owns the jewellery is serving the choicest of eatables to the animal for the past three days. They are hoping to retrieve the jewellery from the bull’s stomach through defecation. Janak Raj, a local businessman, threw the vegetable leftovers outside the house. Janak’s wife and his daughter-in-law had removed their jewellery items that they wore for a wedding on Saturday night.

Incidentally, they put the jewellery in the same utensil that was used to keep the vegetable leftovers the next morning. The woman failed to notice the jewellery kept in the bowl and threw it with the leftovers outside the door of the house. A stray bull fed on the leftovers and swallowed 4 tolas of gold ornaments, including a chain and earrings, etc.

Later they went to the kitchen, they could not find the jewellery. After which, the family examined CCTV cameras installed in the house, and the gold jewellery was thrown out along with the kitchen waste. After going through the CCTV camera footage, they discovered that about 40g gold jewellery, including tops, chain, and rings were eaten with the kitchen waste by a half-tailed stray bull.

They went looking for the stray bull with a half tail in several streets of the town. After about three hours, the family found the stray bull sitting at an open place in a street. After that, Janakraj and his family members tried to bring the bull home, but could not control the animal, so they called a veterinary doctor.

The family has been giving feeding it green fodder, jaggery, gram and other items. They have also consulted a veterinary surgeon about the feed and hoped that the ornaments will be retrieved from the dung.

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