Godman's own country? Rape accused Nithyananda unveils new currency, Reserve Bank of Kailasa
Nithyananda/ Facebook

Absconding self-styled godman Nithyananda unveiled the currency of the 'Reserve Bank of Kailaasa on Saturday. He announced on his official Facebook account that the Bank has offered its currency at the feet of Lord Ganesha and Paramashiva.

The controversial godman had revealed the details of the bank for his newly founded country, in a video recently and had announced that the launch would take place on Ganesh Chaturthi festival on Saturday when he would reveal all the details about the Reserve Bank Kailaasa and the currencies.


Posted by KAILASA's HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam on Friday, August 21, 2020

In the video he had said that "everything was legally established" and he was waiting for the auspicious festival to announce all the details, including information about the country's economy and policies.

Nithyanada said a 300 page document had been readied with all details about the economic policies.

"Designing, currency, the economy strategy, how we are going to be doing, internal currency usage and external world currency exchange, everything legally, we signed an MoU with a nation hosting our Reserve Bank and everything is legitimately established" the godman pointed out.

According to Nithyananda, Kailaasa, the country he recently founded had entered into an agreement with an unnamed country that will host the new reserve bank.

"Everything is legally and legitimately established, reserve bank of Kailaasa, legitimately established with all the structure done based on the Vatican Bank," he observed.

Among the major duties of the bank will be managing the MahaKailaasa economy by handling all the donations that pour in from devotees from across the world.

"Each donation in any country belongs to that country's NGO, follows that country's laws. Working with those countries (in an) organised way, using that wealth to do the intended work for which that wealth was intended," said Nithyananada.

In the video the background ambience was changing hues offering no inkling of the self-styled godman's location.

Nithyananda now aims to follow up on his 'Reserve Bank of Kailaasa' with a Hindu parliament in the next six months, he said on Sunday.

EVERYTHING ABOUT HINDU PARLIAMENT! Tune into nithyananda.tv today at 7.30PM IST to hear it directly from the Supreme...

Posted by KAILASA's HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam on Saturday, August 22, 2020

"With the grace of Ganapati, we wish to establish a Hindu parliament for Hinduism to establish a model government for administering Hind religion based organizations," he said in his official social media account.

Establishing the parliament may take up to six months, he said, adding: "By January we hope to finish this task."

The Hindu parliament will constitute five entities: Chit sabha, Raja sabha, Deva sabha, Kanaga sabha and Nithyananda sabha.

All these five entities will be in accordance with what 'Paramashiva' had said in the vedas and 'agamas'.

Chit sabha will present consciousness based spiritual enlightenment science, welcoming all Hindu representatives, incarnations, enlightened masters, pontiffs, gurus and others who willingly accept the parliament's humble request and invitation.

It will also offer Hindu blessings system.

Raja sabha will be a responsible democratic setup which will invite Hindu leaders of nations, sympathisers and political leaders who appreciate Hindu principles.

"Who can make these principles functional at a political level in many countries," he said.

Raja sabha will offer Hindu political system.

Meanwhile, Hindu Deva Sabha is a think tank of individuals who live to enrich others to be able to live at the highest Hindu administrative principles embedded in vedas, itihasas, puranas and agamas which evolve sustainable development.

Kanaga sabha is an entity with a set of collated principles related to Hindu resource development.

"It will include individuals and important leaders related to human beings' prosperity that includes lifestyle, money, grains, various essential resources like fuel, electricity," pointed out the godman.

One of the objectives of Kanaga sabha is to collate this knowledge and share it with the wider world.

"Last but not the least, Nithyananda sabha, a responsible democratic sabha which will comprise of individuals who will streamline the administration of mahakailasa, who themselves experience and enrich the world with the science of blissful living," he observed.

The confluence of these five sabhas is what Nithyananda calls the Hindu parliament.

Each sabha will have a strength of 1,008 members and the godman is ironing out the details such as how many times they need to convene in a year, membership tenure and other finer details.

"Within six months we will release the members' names and the structure, its principles and policies," asserted the rape accused godman.

At 7.30 p.m. on Sunday, he will speak on nithyananda.tv about his parliament plans.

Meanwhile, he launched a free e-citizenship for his county Kailaasa, along with the offer of a free e-passport.

The rape accused spiritual guru was suspected to have fled India in October 2019.

Authorities think he received asylum in an island off the coast of Ecuador in South America in the South Pacific Ocean.

In December 2019, Nithyananda declared he had laid the foundation of his own Hindu country Kailaasa.

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