‘Go build a school in Bangladesh’: Twitter slams Taslima Nasreen’s take on Ayodhya verdict

A host of Twitterati took umbrage to Bangaldeshi author-in-exile Taslima Nasreen’s statement asking for a ‘science school to be built in Ayodhya’.

Nasreen, who’s in exile from her native Bangladesh and currently stays in India wrote: “If I were a judge, I would have given Ayodhya's 2.77 acres of land to govt in order to build a modern science school where students would study free. And I would also have given 5 acres of land to govt in order to build a modern hospital where patients will get free treatment.”

This didn’t please many of the denizens of Twitter with a right-wing leaning as they lashed out at Nasreen.

Author Shefali Vaidya wrote: “Imagine the sheer shamelessness that would prompt you to say this, when you are a refugee in India begging for your life from the very Hindus that you backstab on every occasion! @taslimanasreen go back to Bangladesh and build schools there, your illiterate countrymen need them.”

Anurag Saxena added and said: “Madam you’re a refugee in our land. At best a guest. Please be thankful, not intrusive.”

IAS officer Sanjay Dixit, known for his fiery takes added: “Be thankful to Bhagwan Ram that Hindus tolerate you in India in spite of your consistent abuse of their hospitality. You couldn’t survive your own country for saying much less. You are an ungrateful guest. @HMOIndia should not renew your visa.”

Columnist Vikas Saraswat also wrote to Nasreen saying: “Palmyra to Somnath, Parthenon to Coricancha - temples were destroyed under the same bigoted belief. Invaders were convinced of the dispensability of temples and their own agency to decide for natives what they needed. Athiests are no better. Only Hindus demonstrate tolerance.”

Entrepreneur and co-founder of Akshay Patra wrote Mohandas Pai wrote: “Insensitive, silly tweet by a person hunted by Jihadis from Bangladesh to whom India gave refuge,many Indian Muslims tried to hurt @taslimanasree and whom Hindus not Lutyens Delhi supported,now abuses sentiments of her large hearted hosts;Shame!

Rajiv Malhotra also chimed in saying: “That plan could be done on ANY small piece of land. Why not put your proposed projects on Kaaba? And have you lobbied to put such projects replacing the local mosques where you live?”

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit added: “That’s why God didn’t make U a Judge. He knew that U will mess it up. By the way are U still under India’s shelter ?”

The Supreme Court on Saturday in the judgement on the Ayodhya title dispute used special powers granted in the Article 142 of the Constitution.

This article was used twice by the five-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi while delivering the verdict. Though the disputed 2.77 acres of land was awarded for a temple, based on the evidence, the top court invoked the powers of Article 142 to grant 5 acres for a mosque in Ayodhya.

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