Centre revises workers’ minimum wages from April 1


The Centre has hiked the daily minimum wages of contract, casual and other workers, with retrospective effect from April 1, 2021, varying from a minimum of Rs372 to a maximum of Rs853, in view the revision of the CPI-linked variable dearness allowance (VDA).

Union Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar said around 1.5 crore workers will benefit from the hike, which covers those engaged in construction or building operations, mining and other industries as also to watch & ward staff, sweeping and cleaning, and loading and unloading workers. The new wages incorporates the revised VDA. In the lowest category are the unskilled workers engaged in farm sector at Rs372 to Rs411 a day. For semi skilled supervisor, it will be in the range of Rs 379 to Rs 449 while highly skilled will get from Rs 449 to Rs 540.

Those engaged in the loading and unloading will get Rs 431 to Rs 645 per day.

The sweeping and cleaning staff will get the daily wage of Rs 431, Rs 539 and Rs 645 in the categories of unskilled, skilled and highly skilled respectively. The watch ward staff without arms will get Rs 609, Rs 714 and Rs 784 in the three respective categories while those with arms will get Rs 714, Rs 784 and Rs 853 respectively.

In case of unskilled workers engaged in construction or building operations, the areawise daily wages rang from Rs 505 to Rs 714, while they range from Rs 505 to Rs 714 in case of semi-skilled or unskilled supervisors, Rs 609 to Rs 784 in case of the skilled and clerical category workers and Rs 714 to Rs 853 in case of the highly skilled workers.

As regards workers in the mines, the unskilled working over the ground will get Rs 431 per day and those engaged below the ground Rs 539 per day. For semi skilled supervisor, it will be Rs 539 to Rs 645 rupees, for skilled, Rs 645 to Rs 752 and the highly skilled Rs 752 to Rs 840.


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