Alleged tapping of the phone call between the journalist and Hathras victim's brother: 7 signs your phone is being tapped
Alleged tapping of the phone call between the journalist and Hathras victim's brother: 7 signs your phone is being tapped
Andrea Piacquadio

After 16-minute audio footage of a conversation between a journalist and Hathras’ rape victim's brother was leaked in social media, there are talks about phone tapping yet again.

In the present situation, there is a group of people supporting the journalist and there is another set which is against the journalist. But the question is how can a victim of phone tapping realise that his or her phone is being tapped.

Other than maintaining some basic hygiene like being careful about the apps you download to not handing your cellphones to anyone among other things.

At times, it is still difficult to know if your phone is being tapped.

Seven signs that your phone is being tapped:

Unusual noise: There is a noise when you try to call someone from your cell phone and landline. If you hear sounds like beeping, clicking or some time static noises, it is a signal that your call is being tapped.

According to Lifewire, sound-bandwidth sensor, a noise detector app, can be used from another phone to measure sound on the device you think is being tapped.

We usually ignore these noises thinking it is an issue of connection or any other reason.

Battery life: If your phone battery is acting up even though your phone is not an old device, then that may be a case that your phone is being tapped. If the battery is draining, then find the reason behind it. By going to the setting of the device and then to the battery option, find out the application that is consuming your phone battery. If you find one specific application that you have not used is taking more of your battery then it advisable you delete the application.

Phone is getting heated up: If your mobile phone is getting heated up even though you are not using the handset, there are chances that someone has tapped your phone. This usually happens when the software is running in the background even while you are not using your phone. It is advisable to check on the phone’s temperature in that case.

Susceptible behaviour: All of a sudden if your mobile phone acts differently, like shutting down suddenly or taking longer to shut down or the phone lights up even if you are not using it or when strange pop-ads come up in your phone among other susceptible activities. Thus, it is important to keep a close watch on your cellphone’s behaviour.

Electronic Interference: The minute you get your phone close to an electronic device and it makes a noise even when you are not using your phone, that means that your phone is being tapped. Some tapping devices use radio frequencies as well.

Odd texts: Spy software that can remotely control your phone often sends coded text messages to your phone, and if that software malfunctions, you may be able to see some of the messages. If odd texts become a regular occurrence, that may be a clue that someone is sneaking in your phone.

Rise in data consumption: Suddenly, there is a rise in data consumption even though you are not using it. Thus, it proves that some third-party application is working overtime and sneaking into your phone.

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