Diwali 2019: Clean up your mind

It’s that time of the year when we clean up the mess around our houses, fixing things to give our homes a makeover. If only we would clean up the mess in our minds to de-clutter our thoughts and give our souls a makeover too, writes APARNA KAPOOR

Aparna Kapoor | Updated on: Saturday, October 26, 2019, 12:14 PM IST


We toil to put the materialistic things around us in order. We work tirelessly to discard what we do not need, the creaking sound of the door, the torn hem of the table cloth, the cracked and chipped glassware, the lumpy cushions on the sofa; the list is endless.

But what about our world within? The grudges we do not need to stick to anymore; the creaking sounds in friendship, torn hem of relationships, the chipped and cracked edges with your spouse, the lumpy uncomfortable feeling with your children? When do we fix that?

It’s never late to start cleaning up. Let’s make an effort to clean within. Just the way we clean our house, the soul clean-up too needs to be meticulously planned step-wise.

De-clutter and discard

Unaware, we are living with clutter in our minds which is getting heavier by the day for our soul to carry; leading it to buckle, get depressed and quit. The way to a clean mind is to discard the negativity and grudges. We outgrow our clothes, shoes and change them with the changing times.

Similarly, chuck grudges and guilt too. Make way for new aspirations and goals; redefine your life and its purpose. Dust and mop up the monotony, expectations and egos to make the relationships shine and sparkle once again.

While sorting out your mind, you will find innumerable useless and nonsensical thoughts you cling on to. It is pointless brooding over something which happened decades ago. Replace the old set of thoughts with new, open and inclusive ones.

Get rid of the ‘extra’ stuff in your mind, just the way you moved out that bulky chair from your hallway eating too much space. Throw away the rotten, stale stuff in your mind to make way for the new stuff, making your soul shine.

Organise and prioritise

It may be difficult to discard and get rid of things which were once cherished, whether it is a dress or a memory. The next step, however, would be easier.

To organise your thoughts and set your priorities right would not be difficult if you decide to keep negativity, grudges, expectations and speculations at bay.

Do not repeat the mistakes by letting in the negativity. Reject it the moment you see it approaching. It may lure you by hurting your ego, creating a web of circumstances and situations which may pollute your mind again.

Just like those tempting ‘end of season sales’ which offer you unbelievable prices compelling you to buy things which you never want, making your house a junkyard. Beware. Stay alert.

Prioritise your thoughts. Organise your mind in a way that it prevents unnecessary stacking of ‘useless items’ in your mind. Before you nurture a thought, analyse if you really need to brood over it. Is it worth it? If the answer is no, then stop there to save yourself from the hassle of cleaning up all over again.

Minimalistic approach

The less you have, the less you have to clean up. If you have five wardrobes full of clothes, you will take longer to clean up. You might not even be aware of the clothes you have. Similarly, negativity in you which pops up from some old thought you have been nurturing since ages makes you edgy without even realising what is bothering you.

It would be wise to keep a check on what you store. Do not over-stack. You never over-stack the groceries, because they rot and decay. So do the negative and useless speculations, thoughts and expectations. They rot and decay, making you uncomfortable with the unbearable, foul stench.

The key is to take one moment at a time. Live each day as it comes. No baggage from yesterday and no backpack for tomorrow. Face the situations, good or bad; and leave them there. Do not carry them further than that moment or else you will be in quicksand again.

Keep the ‘less is more’ approach towards your thoughts, especially the negative ones. The minimalistic way of living not only keeps your house roomy and airy, but it also keeps the world within clutter-free, lighted up (with self-realisation) and roomy to welcome the positive things in life.

So once in a while, pick up the broom and do some ‘cleaning’ within too.

Remember, “Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes”- Terry Guillemets

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Published on: Sunday, October 27, 2019, 06:00 AM IST