Best Parsi Food Restaurants in Mumbai

Get set for a gastronomical adventure through the foothills of the Parsi cuisine as KHUSHNUMA JABULEE takes you through some of the best Parsi eateries.

When Parsis came to India thousands of years ago, we brought with us a rich culture to add to the melting pot of cultures already existing in India, a different set of norms, and best of all, the delicious and mouthwatering Parsi cuisine that over the years has become a must-have treat for people from various other cultures as well.

Since the Parsi New Year is going to befall us very soon, we would like to highlight to you the best Parsi restaurants and institutions where you can order up either a king’s breakfast, a delicious lunch, mouthwatering dinner or just a simple tea time snack. Without no further ado, let’s skim through some of the best Parsi food joints in Mumbai.

  1. Ideal Corner, Fort

It is always a highly contested debate as to which place has the best food among the array of restaurants in Mumbai, and Ideal Corner is always at the top of this debate for many reasons, including reasonable prices! It has a rotating menu that changes every month with different dishes served up every day, from Tuesday to Sunday. So whether it is their signature Masala Dal Rice and Kebabs, Biryani Dal, Curry Rice or Dhandal Patio in veg and non-veg, or their mouth watering sweet dishes like Bread Pudding and Caramel Custard, you are sure to gobble down everything with a content smile on your face. Don’t head there post 4.00pm, as they shut down early.

Must Haves: Biryani Dal, Sali Chicken, Patra Ni Machhi, Raspberry Soda and Caramel Custard.

  1. Stadium Restaurant, Churchgate
Best Parsi Food Restaurants in Mumbai

Head to Stadium Restaurant, a two-minute walk from Churchgate station to experience a great array of Iranian and multi-cuisine food. Another factor that has been going well for this restaurant apart from its sensational food is its old school ambiance. You can get anything you want from delicious breakfast dishes to hot beverages to snacks and whole entire meals. They also serve up the traditional ParsiDhansak on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Must Haves: Biryani (right from Mutton, Chicken, Egg to Vegetarian, they serve up the best of the best).

  1. Jimmy Boy, Horniman Circle


Best Parsi Food Restaurants in Mumbai

While being more on the costlier side of things, Jimmy Boy promises a packed flavour and some of the most mouthwatering Parsi food you will ever have. From the seasoned hero, PatraniMachhi to SaasniMachhi, Dhansak, Curry Rice, Dhandal Patio and a lot more, Jimmy Boy will keep you coming back for more. They also have a counter that opens up outside for people to quickly grab some snacks on the go where you will come across amazing treats like Tea Cake, Mawa Cake, Vegetarian and Chicken Crust Patties, Mushroom and Cheese Quiche, Chutney Cold Slaw Sandwich and more.

Must Haves: Burger & Fries, Dhansak, Mushroom & Cheese Quiche and Chutney Cold Slaw Sandwich.

  1. BMerwan

Grant Road (E)

Best Parsi Food Restaurants in Mumbai

B Merwan is the best living example of simple, yet delicious food. They serve piping hot Bread Pudding, Mawa Cake, Veg Crust Pattie, Mawa Puff, Jam Puff and various types of delicious breads post 10.00am. Their signature breakfast dishes that are most regularly ordered are Tea or Coffee with Bun Butter or Broon Butter and a Double Omlette. It has a unique old school Parsi/Irani feel to it and radiates beautiful aromas that can be smelt outside,as you pass by Grant Road station.

Must Haves: Tea, Bun Butter, Double Omlette, Bread Pudding and their signature Mawa Cake.

  1. Britannia & Company Restaurant

Ballard Estate, Fort

Best Parsi Food Restaurants in Mumbai

Steeped deep in the history of Parsi food in Mumbai, Britannia & Company is the place to be for most people to try some of the most delicious and authentic Parsi cuisines. While being on the pricier side of things, this restaurant has a beautiful rustic ambiance and a treasure house of good food to cheer you up. While comprising of the regular staples like Dhansak, Biryani and Sali Chicken, SaliBoti, Britannia & Co also serve up some mouthwatering Fried Bombay Duck (which has seasonal availability) and their signature Berry Pulav.

Must Haves: Berry Pulav, SaliBoti, Caramel Custard and Raspberry Soda.

  • Ratan Tata Institute

Hughes Road

Ratan Tata Institute or as the regular patrons know it as, RTI, is a place that is frequented on a daily basis by both Parsis and non-Parsis alike. With an ever changing display of food at the most nominal costs, this place has over the years become a hub for people to regularly pick up some delicious meals, snacks, and pastries. You get everything from Pulav Dal, Lagan Nu Stew, OmlettePav, to delicious snacks like Rolls, Cutlets, Pies, Patties, Sandwiches and more.

Must Haves: OmlettePav (available only in the mornings), Pulav Dal (not available daily), Chicken Roll, Chocolate Pastry and Shaped Chocolates.

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