'The best part of everything in life is Bipasha,' says Karan Singh Grover
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It was meant to be a film to be released in theatres, but due to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, Dangerous was recently released on an OTT platform as a series. Karan Singh Grover, who plays the lead opposite his wife Bipasha Basu, is more than happy about it. "Firstly, I am happy about the fact that our work is being released at this time and people are getting to watch it. That itself is a big thing to be grateful for. Secondly, it reduces the limitations between us as artistes reaching our audiences because they don't have to go to the theatre at a particular time, they can watch it at their convenience at home," he says.
Ask him what is the best part of doing Dangerous — his role or working with his wife — and the smitten husband gushes, "The best part is working with Bipasha, actually the best part of everything in life is her! The role is really good as well and I am lucky to have got it, but the best part is always her."

Talking about the advantages of working with his sexy spouse he says, "She kind of commands a particular order of working and structure in every department. When she's around everything happens in the best possible way. Also, I get to spend more time with her (laughs)... but that's me."
Dangerous has him playing businessman Aditya Dhanraj, whose wife gets kidnapped and his ex-girlfriend (Bipasha), a detective helps him solve the case. "Aditya is a self-made man, he's not come from a rich background. He had to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices to achieve what he has. It's the mix of street and sophistication of the character that appealed to me," he elaborates.

The actor, who became popular with his TV outings like Dill Mil Gayye and Qubool Hai, before making his Bollywood debut with Alone says that his criteria for choosing roles is based on the growth in his art form. "The character should be different from what I have played. It should add something to the way I portray my character. Basically, I go for variety."

Till recently, the good-looking actor was playing Mr Bajaj in Kasauti Zindagi Kay, but due to the ongoing pandemic preferred to not shoot for the serial and was replaced with Karan Patel. Asked how he has been coping with the changes brought about by the pandemic he said, "Either you can choose to look at things that you can't to do or look at what things you need to do to make things better so that when you step into the world next, you take a better version of yourself. I am learning and coping quite well. People look at this period as the time that has been taken away from us, but this time has been given to us to change, improve and add dimensions to us."

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