Shamita Shetty’s travel tales: London is my favourite, Egypt was a disappointment

FPJ Bureau | Updated on: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 08:13 PM IST


Water baby
I am a complete sea person.

All on the mood
Well, my travel plans really depend on what my focus is at. If it’s time for me to shop then I will choose my destination accordingly. If I just want to chill and be myself, then I will go for a nice spa. If I’m in the mood to explore something new, then I will choose a fresh place. If I witness some beautiful architecture, then I will see a historic place. I also see who wants to go with me at that point of time and then choose the place. So, it really differs. There is no one set thing in my head.


Fave destinations
My favourite places will always be London, Paris, Maldives because I love scuba diving. But there are many places that I haven’t explored and I would like to go there, for example I’m longing to see the Northern Lights.


Travel recommendations
I just ask my brother-in-law because he is just too good with it. And then there is this friend of mine who knows all the best places to go to, so I ask her. And maybe to an extent I’ll surf the net and try to get a little more information out. Eventually, it all depends on what my mood is for at that point—shopping, fun, relaxation or a combination of any.

Social addiction
I try my level best to stay away from social media, but it just doesn’t happen. We always say, “Okay, now no more Instagram, Facebook or Twitter but we end up posting all the pictures.” But yes, this is one thing I really need to try, to reduce the usage of social media. When I go to Ananda centres, however, I do keep my phones away and I do well out there. But if I’m travelling and exploring places then yes, it is difficult to stay away from the phone.


Best and worst
London will be my all time favourite because my family is there, and the shopping is great. Phuket is another fave new destination I visited. Maldives is top on the list too because of water activities. Worst would be Egypt because I had such high expectations and when I went there other than the Pyramids there was nothing more to see. Also, it wasn’t very clean so I was very disappointed because I was always fascinated with the place.

Vacay squad
I like to travel with friends, family and solo too…I’m an Aquarian after all!

Travelling light?
No! I am very bad with this, and I am a heavy traveller.

Overcoming jetlag
As soon as I’m back I just try to keep my meetings first thing in the morning as early as possible so then I can’t cancel my meetings because I have to get up and the rest of the day is to myself. And then it’s also about getting into the right routine there. If you follow that for three-four days, you will be just fine.

Bucket list
Bungee jumping is on my list because I am petrified of heights. Among destinations, there is the Northern Lights, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and many more. I feel I have barely visited any places!

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Published on: Sunday, May 12, 2019, 06:42 AM IST