This latest short film released on hungamaplay has Flora Saini of ‘Stree’ fame cuddling up to Sudanshu Pandey, who plays a much married, randy hotelier who gets caught in a trap of his own making when his ever loving and dutiful wife (Richa Sony) returns home earlier than scheduled.

What follows is interesting but not really surprising and the attempt to show-up infidelity as a justification for a criminal act is certainly not in good taste. Director Lakshmi R Iyer’s narrative tries to hold-in its punches, right up to the last minute but the schmaltzy, wantonly disarming guilelessness displayed by the wife is a ‘dead’ giveaway.

Performances though adequate, fail to raise the pitch in this largely contrived, concept driven expose of human weaknesses. There’s far more marketing hype driving this creation than content itself and that’s not surprising given the lowly standards of the short films that are emerging out of the flurry of mobile, handy cameras whose owners appear to be aiming for a show-reel of their not so obvious talent.

Cast: Sudhanshu Pandey, Flora Saini, Richa Sony

Director: Lakshmi R Iyer

Rating: * *