Mother's Day 2021: 'I don’t give heed
to this age factor,' says Kishwer Merchant on embracing motherhood at 40
Pic: Instagram/Kishwer Merchant

From getting married to singer Suyyash Rai, who is eight years younger to her, to now conceiving in her 40s, actress Kishwer Merchant has actually proved that age is just a number. On the occasion of Mother's Day, the soon-to-be mom opened up about her pregnancy, sharing her thoughts about the age-factor.

“I do things when I feel I am totally prepared for them. I don’t give heed to this age-factor. Not having a child right after the marriage was an unsaid thing between Suyyash and I. We both wanted time to be mentally prepared and responsible enough to bring another life into this world. It was a mutual decision. Luckily, our family members also never pressurised us to have a child. I have a mother who always supports me. She never questions. Yes, once in a while she'd ask me about when Suyyash and I are having a baby but nothing more than that. Even when I was about to marry Suyyash in 2016 she never questioned me about my age gap with Suyyash,” Kishwer tells the Cinema Journal.

Kishwer and Suyyash are all set to expect their first child in August this year. The news of Kishwer’s pregnancy was shared by the couple on their respective Instagram platforms in March 2021. They had posted a picture, wherein we could see Suyyash and Kishwer craddling the latter’s belly against the backdrop of a blue sea. The image also featured ‘August 2021’ written on the sand, announcing the expected month of baby’s arrival.

Speaking more about her pregnancy, the actor emphasised on taking extra care of her physical and mental health amid the ongoing pandemic. “It's not easy to experience pregnancy during these uncertain times. Our country is going through a lot. So many people have died due to Covid-19...watching such news was taking a toll on my mental health. I don't want to sound selfish but it's extremely important for me to look after my health. I am not running away from what's happening around’s just that I am trying to stay away from watching news and videos which make me anxious. I am not turning a blind eye to anything,” Kishwer adds.

Kishwer also shared details about all that’s helping her to relieve stress. “I love to paint. Suyyash' sister and I started an online initiative, ‘Paint4Pawz’, during the last year’s lockdown. The start-up aims to raise funds for stray welfare by selling handmade paintings. So, painting keeps me sane and refreshes my mind. We even take painting workshops on Sundays. It totally acts as my stress buster. Apart from painting, I also try to work out on alternate days. I do yoga and pilates or sometimes I just walk on a treadmill. Watching light-hearted movies and shows also helps me to calm my mind.

“Also, I am glad that Suyyash has always been through my thick and thin. The lockdown has made us even more close to each other. He takes proper care of me. We do little-little things together. Sometimes, I even go to his studio and sing songs there. I never expected my pregnancy to happen in pandemic but I am glad that I got to spend it with Suyyash all the time,” she says

Talking about her pregnancy diet and regime, Kishwar added: “Honestly speaking, there is no fixed diet and fitness routine. I am eating almost everything. I have also included a lot of vegetables and dry fruits in my diet. I don’t like eating palak paneer and Suyyash makes it sure that I eat it. I also consume vegetable juice now. I have not experienced much craving for food lately. I only crave for coca cola sometimes. Also, a while ago, I craved for cheese popcorn a Suyyash arranged it for me at home,” she laughs.

However, these days, there is no dearth of advice for soon-to-be moms like her especially on the social media and that can often be a tad confusing. “I follow some of them, while many advices do not even make sense to me. People should realise that everyone is different. Each body is different. What suits you might not work for me. Every pregnancy is different,” she is emphatic.

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