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Meet Kajol, marriage counsellor

A veteran of 20 years, Kajol shares with LIPIKA VARMA her tips for a successful marriage — and the one curt tip from husband Ajay

Marital bliss

If Ajay has told you’ll that our relationship is going smoothly because of Kajol…then I can only say, ‘It’s very sweet of him to feel so!’

Relationship tips

The most important thing you need to realise is that any relationship with your close ones whether husband, wife or children, has to be carried forward on a daily basis.

So, you need to put in something that will help your relationship grow stronger. Like, when you water a plant regularly it grows and flourishes. In the same manner, you need to do something extra in a relationship.

However, the most important factor is that both should feel the need to be together. Only when we crave and want that relationship, do we enjoy it too. We all, in any kind of relationship, have that intent to go the extra mile, helping it grow. This is something we never do with any stranger...

Thinking alike

It has been almost 20 years — Ajay must have definitely contributed a little! Most importantly it has to do with our priorities. We are literally on the same page.

In life we have not grown apart in our thinking, we both prioritise these things specifically — our children, our family and our work. Thus we both believe and focus on the same things. Even though we are married for almost 20 years now, nothing has changed.

Balancing each other

I talk too much. Sometimes I feel, I am talking to the walls! One thing is good about him (Ajay) he talks less and this goes in our favour. Somewhere,

I feel I am spontaneous in my conversation and speak a lot. Ajay is the one who makes me realise that and says, ‘Tum jyada mat uddo...uddna band karo (stop flying high) and advises me to be grounded.

Working together

We have worked in around 19 films together. We have worked off screen at home as well and continue to do that (smiles). Yes, it was great to enact on screen with him in Tanhaji.

It’s always great to have a co-actor who guides you as well. Ajay is half the time like a director and will advise me to enact one more time, while the rest of the time he is an actor.

Kids’ reactions

Our children are very happy that we both are working together. They are very excited and keen thus waiting to watch the film. Anyway, my children always feel and tell me that I don’t do good films.

They feel even in comedies and funny films I end up crying which they detest a lot. My children want me not to do films in which I have to cry, so I always tell them I will try to do funny films only.

Sari love

I am trying to keep tradition as much as possible but I generally like Indian outfits. I love saris. It is just my loved attire. The sari is such a pretty attire and it suits all of us.

So whenever I feel, I wear a sari. Also especially, may be for Indian women of different sizes and colours, it does not matter. We all look stunning in a sari.

Navwari memories

It was great to wear a Navwari sari in this film Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior. I had worn this attire 20 years prior. It was for my wedding day. ...With the nose ring and the mangal-sutra and wearing it now it’s feeling great. I have seen my maternal grandma having draped a nauvari.

I have also seen my maternal grandmother’s mom in this beautiful attire. I have seen all my relatives draped in a nauvari while attending family weddings.

I have seen how they walk, how they drape it... The first time mom (Tanuja) saw my pic in a nauvari for this film, she loved me and told me that I looked exactly like my Nani (maternal grandmother).”

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