I Care A Lot review: Well-directed thriller with fabulous performance by Rosamund Pike

Towards the end of the last century, when the readership of Hindi crime novels (also called Pulp Fiction) was at its peak, the writings faced repeated accusations of inspiring the world of crime and the criminals. There were cases of confessions in which the robbers and murderers admitted getting their inspiration from some specific novels of the most popular authors. Similar instances were also reported related to films revolving around crimes planned with some novel ideas.

The latest release on Netflix, I Care A Lot, instantly reminded me about those cases, revolving around a con woman and her innovative scam related to old aged people living alone in their houses. Finding her targets as a legal guardian of the senior citizens suffering from diseases like dementia and more, she takes them into confidence, shifting them into the old age home and then takes charge or robs them of their finances and properties. Written and directed by J. Blakeson, reportedly the director also got inspired from the stories and sufferings of the old age victims and their actual cases.

Beginning as a dark comedy with a splendid performance by Rosamund Pike, the film pulls you in through its unpredictable progression accompanied by a pulsating background score and a fine supporting cast. Rosamund keeps delivering the surprises through her fiery and evil portrayal and one feels the guilty pleasure of being entertained watching a film sharply pointing towards the pain and loneliness of the old.

However, as it moves further, the narrative changes its tone, becoming tense, bloody, and cold in terms of emotions or treatment. And the twist comes when a particular case of an old woman turns out to be completely different, having its dark secrets bringing trouble. The story development remains engaging for most of its duration before getting into the routine towards the climax. It is in these moments that the film loses its grip, making way for some predictable sequences. But then, ‘the law of karma’ strikes back, giving another shock to the viewer as a well-directed and enacted film ending on a thoughtful note.

As an entertaining crime thriller based on an original novel plot, I Care A Lot certainly works, but hope this kind of entertainment doesn’t become an inspirational source for the crooked minds feeding more ideas to them. The writing and execution also deserve praises, as it showcases the blunt truth, how the entire concept of capitalism survives on the exploitation of the general unaware public in the present world scenario.

Summing up, I Care A Lot also has some worth mentioning quotes in its dialogues. For instance, in its opening sequences, we get to hear this insightful comment made on the rich and the powerful saying, “Playing fair is a joke invented by rich people to keep the rest of us poor.” This one quote should generate enough curiosity to watch it at the earliest.

Title: I Care A Lot

Cast: Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Dianne Wiest, Chris Messina

Director: J Blakeson

Platform: Netflix

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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