How I Met My Husband: Mahhi Vij gives a glimpse into her marriage with actor Jay Bhanushali
Photo: Instagram/Mahhi Vij

No heart going aflutter in the first meeting. No dates, no gifts and believe it or not, no fights, breakups or parental opposition! This is the unusual love story of actors Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij. Excerpts from an interview:

When and how did you first meet Jay?

I met Jay for the first time in a club. A common friend introduced us.

Who played Cupid?

A friend... I was very clear that I didn’t want to marry an actor, and I had mentioned the same to him.

What was your initial reaction when you first saw Jay?

When I saw him for the first time I was blank because he was hitting on some other girl. But I was not upset. In fact, I was having fun while watching him flirt with another girl. Next day, he took my number from a friend and messaged me: ‘I hope I was not over-the-top or rude to you.’ And I replied: ‘Not at all’.

What happened after that?

I didn’t think about him because I was busy with my work.

On your first meet, what did you like about him?

I thought he was a nice and funny guy. He was sweet, but nothing beyond that.

What was the ice-breaker?

His first WhatsApp message.

Who took the initiative to set-up the first date?

There was no ‘date’ as such. We made a plan to watch a movie. This was before my show, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, went on the floors. I had never thought of dating or marrying an actor. I was pretty clear I wouldn’t. However, my mami and my mother insisted that I atleast get acquainted with him.

Did you guys go Dutch?

No. I bought the tickets because he was staying in Ghatkopar, and the theatre we planned to see the movie at was in Andheri.

What did he get for you on your first date?

He didn’t bring anything for me on our first date, and he never does... even now! But I’m accustomed to it (laughs).

How many times in a day would you speak with him during your courtship days?

It has been 10 years since we married... I think we would talk once or twice a day.

When you two were dating, who would say sorry first after a fight?

We did not fight. That’s why I decided to marry him. How I wish I would have fought with him (laughs)! Besides, it was just a three-month long courtship — we didn’t get any time to fight — and we tied the knot immediately.

Did you guys ever breakup before getting married?

We never broke up before getting married.

Who is more possessive?

Both of us are equally possessive.

Who asked ‘will you marry’ first?

Nobody. I plainly told him that I am thinking of marrying him. So, I met his family and that set the ball rolling. There was no opposition, it was smooth sailing!

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