How I Met My Wife: From love at first sight to taking the saat pheras, singer-actor Aditya Narayan reveals it all
Photo: Aditya Narayan/Instagram

Aditya Narayan, who married Shweta Agarwal last month, has been setting the social media feeds ablaze with some cute pictures from their honeymoon. We caught up with the newly married singer to take us through his courtship days — from love at first sight to taking the saat pheras, Aditya reveals it all! Excerpts from the interview:

When and how did you meet your better half?

Shweta (Agarwal) and I met while shooting for my debut film, Vikram Bhatt’s Shaapit. Shweta has been modelling and acting since her college days but this was her first full-length Hindi film. We were formally introduced to each other at Vikram Bhatt’s office. I was instantly attracted to her; it was love at first sight for me, I don’t know about her. 

Who played Cupid?

Shweta hadn’t heard the most pleasant things about me; she had been forewarned that I had girlfriends in the past. I had a few girlfriends before Shweta, but I was not a womaniser. The first person who played Cupid was my mother. She asked me to take Shweta out for dinner as a courtesy to a co-star. But Shweta kept postponing it for two months. So my mom called her and she couldn’t refuse my mom’s request. It was not exactly a date; it was more like a dinner.

How did your love story progress?

My friends invited Shweta on my 22nd birthday, and to my pleasant surprise she came. We ended up spending some quality time together; she made acquaintance with my friends, and I spontaneously kissed her. The next day she stopped talking to me. The kiss was with her consent, but maybe she was not looking for a relationship with me and didn’t want to lead me on. For the next six months she kept me at arm’s length. The only dialogue we exchanged was during the shoot of our film. Fortunately, after the filming was over, my cousins intervened to make peace between us.

What did you like about her when you met her for the first time?

Everything. She is beautiful, and has the most beautiful eyes, and pearly white teeth. I am very enamoured by people who have a good set of teeth. She is composed and very soft-spoken. Like me, she isn’t a ‘party’ person. We are very simple family-oriented people. We have a huge circle of friends and chill out at each other’s homes.

Did you exchange telephone numbers with her?

No, I took her number from Vikram Bhatt. On hindsight it was a very creepy thing to do. I messaged her: ‘You looked very beautiful today.’ I had seen her in green shorts and a black top. I am sure she thought of it as not-so-cool even though I thought it was.

What was the icebreaker?

Food. I am perpetually on some diet or the other. During the shooting of Shaapit, my diet comprised three meals a day and the food was a fixed fare. Since she would get food from her home we would sit together and share our meals. 

After you came home, would you keep thinking about her?

Yes. We lived five buildings away from each other and from my window I could see her house. I used to wonder when will I cross this little distance that separates us.

Your first date?

We went to Five Spice at Oshiwara. We went Dutch because she insisted. Later on I invited her home to sample my cheesecakes. I make very good desserts.

Who said I love you first?

I did. 

Who is more possessive between the two?

We are equally possessive about each other but I demonstrate it, she doesn’t.

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