Hobby Talk with Mona Singh: ‘I like collecting fridge magnets and have about 400 of those’

Mona Singh, who was recently seen in the web series Black Widows, says she is surprised when people complain that they are ‘bored at home’. The actor says she never feels that way because when not working, her myriad hobbies keep her occupied. And, she loves it that way. While encouraging people to pursue hobbies, Mona gives a peek into her passions. Excerpts from the interview:

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are gardening, cooking and reading books. When I travel, I carry books with me.

What is your takeaway from your hobbies?

My takeaway from my hobbies is they have become my passion. For instance, while cooking I want to create new dishes. While gardening, I feel good when my plants look greener and healthier — when they blossom.

What got you interested in gardening?

My mother loves gardening. She has a green thumb. After marriage, especially during the lockdown, I started taking care of the plants at home. My house is pretty green and it feels really nice. So I owe this interest in gardening to my mother.

Hobby Talk with Mona Singh: ‘I like collecting fridge magnets and have about 400 of those’

Are your hobbies a filler activity?

My hobbies are not to keep boredom at bay, it’s in my system. The day I am at home, I either cook or take care of the plants or I end up reading a book. It all depends on my mood. When you keep yourself occupied with the things you love, there is room for learning and excitement.

Do your hobbies involve other people?

I like to collect fridge magnets. But I never ask any of my friends to get me those because the fun is to buy a fridge magnet from every country I visit. When you stick it on the fridge, it serves as a memory of the place you have been to. I already have 300 to 400 fridge magnets.

How has your hobby helped you evolve?

My soul feels happy when I am gardening. It helps me de-stress. Reading helps me relax and also increases my knowledge. I read fiction that includes thrillers, and non-fiction too. They help me evolve as an individual because reading stirs up my imagination. When I see a film based on a book, it dawns on me that I had thought of something else while reading the book. When you are reading, you perceive a book for how it resonates with you.

Do you think one should pursue hobbies, irrespective of how busy one might be?

Regardless of how busy one is, one needs to have a hobby. I am surprised when someone says, ‘I’m getting bored at home.’ I never get bored even when I am by myself at home, because I love to pursue my myriad hobbies.

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