Bigg Boss 13: Twitter trends #BiasedHostSalmanKhan, Mahira Sharma gets support
Bigg Boss 13: Twitter trends #BiasedHostSalmanKhan, Mahira Sharma gets support

Bigg Boss 13 is the most talked about season of Bigg Boss in years due to various reasons. However, recently, the show is being looked down upon as Twitterati feel the show host- Salman Khan is being biased and unfair with the house members.

Twitter went frenzy over Salman Khan's attitude in the show and started a hashtag #biasedhostsalmankhan to criticize him for supporting Siddharth Shukla over other members. One of the tweets said "#biasedhostsalmankhan #BiasedBB #IStandByMahira Salman doesn’t even allow strong opinionated women to explain and complete their side of stories. He only favours Shukla and Sana, never bashes them as much as he does to other HM’s."

People are showing support towards Mahira Sharma in the show who was shut down by Salman with the hashtag #IStandByMahira. Some of the twitterati said "Salman asked if mahira wants to be showed like a girl shouting and all but has he ever asked Sidharth if he wants to get showed as a aggressive man fighting girls? Oh why would he ask,he himself is there to CLEAN HIS IMAGE & PORTRAY HIM HERO #IStandByMahira"

It is clear with the tweets that people won't tolerate any partiality or disrespect in the show, even if its by their favourite, Salman Khan. Let's see what happens in the coming episodes of the reality show and if the hashtags work in favour of Mahira Khan and other house members.

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