Avengers Endgame: A fanboy’s forecast

Finally, the much awaited second trailer of the Avengers Infinity War — The Endgame has arrived and fans can wait no more for the movie. As expected from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), more things are hidden than revealed in the trailer. It has been more than a decade since the first film of the MCU, Iron Man, was released in 2008. Since then, the MCU has lived up to the expectations of fans, both in individual super hero films as well as the shared cinematic universe.

Having said this, Infinity War, which released in 2018, left fans on a sombre note. It was heart-breaking to see the helplessness and death of characters like Spiderman, Vision, Scarlet-witch, almost all characters of Guardians of the Galaxy and especially Nick Fury. Even more disturbing was the state in which the film ended, with our mighty heroes destroyed by Thanos. Usually Marvel has taught us the victory of good over evil. However, the best of the best Avengers could not find answers to the evilness of Thanos and his grand plan to wipe out the world population by more than 50 percent.

Captain America sporting the new suit
Captain America sporting the new suit

There are certain things that we look forward to in this upcoming end game. First and most importantly, the long-awaited meeting of Tony Stark — Iron Man and Captain Steve Rogers — Captain America. Fans had anticipated

that the two protagonists, after their fight in Captain America: The Civil War, would mend fences for facing the mighty Thanos. However, the plot in the Infinity War evolved such that these two characters were fighting the same war on different planets. They could not, however, come face to face with each other. Their meeting would be one of the major highlights of the upcoming film.

Captain Marvel is the new entrant
Captain Marvel is the new entrant

Secondly, fans are really wanting to see the return of the mighty Hulk. The super hero is refusing to show up, as he is scared of Thanos after taking a hit in the Infinity War. The trailer also resolved the much talked about Captain Marvel and the Avengers conundrum, as it was pointed out in the post credit scenes of the Captain Marvel movie. Finally, Captain Marvel would be teaming up with the Avengers to take on Thanos and his army. The trailer also surprisingly gave a glimpse of the budding romance between Captain Marvel and Thor, which fans are pleasantly surprised to watch.

The most anticipation, of course, is built around the new costumes. Would these be to fight Thanos through time travel or the Quantum Realm? Already the appearance of Scott Lang (Ant Man) in trailer one, back from the quantum realm establishes a hypothesis to be explored. However, if observed carefully, the time line for the return video is 1983 and fans are still debating over the video being archived or in real time.

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