Aftab Shivdasani tells SANDEEP HATTANGADI that one should never try too hard

Aftab Shivdasani started out as a child star with films like ‘Chalbaaz’ and then graduated to adult roles with films like ‘Mast’, ‘Grand Mastii’ etc. On the eve of the release of his upcoming film ‘Setters’, the good looking actor spills fashion secrets…

Fashion funda To me, fashion means making an individual statement and standing out in a crowd without copying anyone. It’s about feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and not feeling uneasy in your skin.

Trend alert I feel currently, minimalism is definitely in where dressing is concerned. It’s about not being too flashy or too in your face with too much of colour in what you wear.

Wardrobe must-haves The five essentials according to me would be black and blue suits, tees and jeans, branded watches, branded black or brown shoes, and a white shirt.

Wedding dressing A suit is a must for a wedding but even a bandhgala is something I prefer. However, it depends on the occasion and where the wedding is behind held and the people who will be coming for the wedding!

Party hearty A casual white shirt and jeans, or a tee and a pair of jeans is something I would be comfortable in for going to a party.

Aftab Shivdasani: Fashion is standing out in a crowd without copying anyone

Bed time To sleep in, shorts and tees is something I feel comfortable with. I am always dressed less before retiring to bed.

Favourite brand   I don’t have any specific brand as such, but I generally try out new brands.

Favourite accessory  A good watch especially if it’s a famous premium brand.

Favourite perfume Clinique Happy is my favourite perfume as it’s a very strong perfume without being too pungent-smelling to others.

Aftab Shivdasani: Fashion is standing out in a crowd without copying anyone

Favourite colours Black and blue especially when it comes to my formal suits. I generally carry off these colours very well.

Shopping destinations

London is my favourite shopping destination because it has some wonderful shops to shop around. You also get good deals on branded goods. All these lovely shops are just fantastic to shop in.

Fashion tip Be comfortable in what you wear and try not to be influenced by anyone else. Create your own style without trying hard or too much.

Favourite designer I don’t have anyone specific but I am generally a Sabyasachi wearer because I like his clothes very much.

Preferred fabric I am a linen and a cotton man because these two fabrics really make one comfortable without being too overbearing.