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What Can You Do with A Bachelor’s Degree in Design?


A career in design brings with itself immense opportunities, passion and determination. It is among the most lucrative career paths, and thousands of students highly seek a BDes degree. In the 21st century, design makes up for a great career path due to many reasons including and not limited to the rise of consumerism and digital industry. There is never a better time to pursue a career in design than right now.

With a BDes degree, students have varied options to kickstart their career in any direction they want. There are ample choices among different domains that students can choose for a job or higher studies.

Here’s what you can do with a BDes Degree

  1. A career in Graphic Design

A career in graphic design after a BDes degree is the most obvious choice for students. It is a highly sought-after in the design industry and has become lucrative over the years. Graphic design primarily involves visual communication using different graphic forms such as images and texts.

The main job summary of a graphic designer is to bring together a host of artistic functions, such as illustrations, font and colour to visually communicate a message or present a product. Graphic designers typically create product packages, logos, posters, infographics, interactive texts and more. These designs can be for either print or digital media.

  1. A career in Interior Designing

Yes, a BDes degree enables you to pursue a career in interior designing too. Interior designing is a great career option for students who like to ideate and build things with their hands. The field deals with creating functioning spaces, interiors of hotels, houses, offices, and stores among others.

Joining an interior designing brand, BDes students bring to life an entire process ranging from walls to lighting, colour scheme and furniture. It is a recommended career option for students who want to go through a modern route of design. Furthermore, it is a high paying career option; students can even start their own business if they have the right set of skills.

  1. A career in Industrial and Product Design

With a bachelor’s degree in Design, you can effectively work in the industrial and product design domain. It is an exciting career option that has much room to shine in the world. Top industrial designers are well-known and sought-after in the economy.

As an industrial and product designer, you will create products that will improve the function and value to meet customer’s demands. Industrial designers typically sketch the idea of a product, usually after a period of conceptualising and then work towards bringing the product to life.

Industrial design is typically rooted in products that are mass produced. It can be anything, from earphones to a glass, walking stick or even an LED bulb. The applications are endless and offer a brilliant career for B Des students.

  1. Freelance or Entrepreneurship

Even though freelance or entrepreneurship is not a different core when talking about design principles – it must be highlighted separately. B des graduates who want to be their boss can start to freelance in any design domains they want. Without experience, the payout might be low; however, if you prove your worth – the sky is the limit.

Furthermore, with the rise of the service industry – especially the advertising and digital media, designers can start their own business. It will require more than just design skills though. So, if you think you are suited for business – a design degree will give you the right edge to start your venture.

There may be other reasons to start on the entrepreneurship path – maybe you have out of the box ideas and don’t fit in with an agency, or you want to be an independent motion graphics artist. Going the solo route is worth looking at – especially with a creative degree such as bachelors in design.

  1. Higher Studies

Even though it is recommended for graduates to gain some hands-on experience after completing their B des degree course – going for higher education is also a great idea that works in almost all cases.

After completing B des in design, graduates can choose to pursue a master’s in Design and then specialise in various domains including transportation, industrial and interaction design. It not only provides a new higher set of knowledge to design graduates but also opens strong fronts to pursue careers in multi-disciplinary environments.

So, What Will Be Your Choice?

No matter what your choice will be – one thing is for sure that B Des will be a highly fulfilling career option that will open ample fronts to pursue the career you want. However, some things matter a lot before choosing a career in B Des.

The university, faculty and specialisation matter a lot in creative careers. So, choose a university with proven results, excellent faculty and numerous specialities. Universities like UPES offer B Des course in seven niche specialisations including industrial and product design, transportation design, graphic design, game design and many more. With 100% placements in B Des, such universities amp up the creative careers of students and are highly recommended.

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