FPJ-Ed: A law student recounts the crazy memories he made during his online classes

Studying law in the online format and creating assignments is what my last year of being a teenager has come down to

Vedant Karia | Updated on: Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 06:51 PM IST


Studying law in the online format and creating assignments is what my last year of being a teenager has come down to. The thought of attending law school offline has ended up being just a thought at the current moment. The thought that college would be fun, people from various fields finally together in a classroom and actively participating in the learning process is still a thing in the waiting. The post-lecture outings and exploring food joints have started becoming distant memories with the hope that it’ll all resume soon. Waking up and sitting in front of a screen from 8 am to 3:15 pm for lectures and then making research papers and assignments is how a typical workday looks like.

It might seem too monotonous but trust me it gets too hectic on some days. It is great fun as all of us wannabe lawyers enjoy the classes and the debates and different points of view. Going out with friends has been replaced by binge-watching shows on Netflix and some quiet time that I like to spend with myself doing literally nothing. The enthusiasm and the spirit to learn new things, as well as procedures, form the silver lining of the dark cloud of online lectures and unending Covid waves. Various committees and their events come in as a platform for freshers to bond and distract themselves from academics for a while.

Vedant Karia

Being an aesthete, I have loved painting and sketching from the early years of my life. I consume a lot of content and put all those reel ideas that I’ve watched into motion- I’m a part of the PR department of the annual cultural fest of our law school. So creating relatable content for its social media handles and increasing the engagement makes it fun plus I bonded with quite a few people of similar interests. I played the keyboard after months and it was the perfect getaway from managing deadlines. It just felt so good to do something you truly enjoy after a long time.

Watching sunsets and coffee with it is the best evening experience and the occasional cooking makes the locked-down life better. To end it I’d like to tell all the teens that we're gonna have an amazing experience in these next years, it might be hectic on some days and we might not feel the best but we'll get out of it and we're gonna kick ass in the professional world. Cheers to new beginnings and I hope we all make crazy memories in the last years of our teenage which we will cherish for life.


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Published on: Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 07:00 AM IST