Why was Rajiv Bajaj asked not to speak to Rahul Gandhi

Today (June 4), industrialist Rajiv Bajaj was in conversation with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, which is part of the on-going series organised by Gandhi to engage with economists and businesses. But during the conversation, Bajaj informed the audience that someone he knows advised Bajaj not to talk to Gandhi over the fear of backlash from the present BJP-led government.

Citing that incident, Bajaj said, “The first reaction (of the person who discouraged Bajaj from speaking) was no no. Don’t do that. This can get you into trouble.” But Bajaj stressed why should that be of concern considering, he has spoken to many media houses and given more harsh messages to the government.

Linking the freedom of expression with business, he said, businesses cannot function under fear. He added that investments will dry up — fear will stop investors from coming into the country. For businesses to invest in the country, there is a need to build business confidence.

He added due to irregularities in the part of the business, they refuse to speak up as they are afraid of the skeleton in the closet. Then there are some businesses who will never speak over the fear of backlash and that fear needs to eliminated as that is not good for the economy, Bajaj reiterated.

Rajiv Bajaj’s father, Rahul Bajaj, has been very vocal about the issues business have faced in the country. In the past, Rahul Bajaj had spoken about the issues faced by the businesses to Amit Shah.

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