Sehore: Don’t throw garbage on road! Cameras watching you!

Civic body to impose fine, says CMO

Kapil Suryawanshi | Updated on: Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 01:22 AM IST

camera on power pole |
camera on power pole |

Sehore (Madhya Pradesh): The civic body is set to impose a fine on those throwing garbage on roads, official sources said on Tuesday.

The officials will identify such people with the help of a 4-G WIFI camera to be installed at five places, and take action against them to keep the city clean.

As part of the cleanliness drive, the civic body has been collecting household waste from door to door, but a few residents, instead of handing over garbage to the trash-collectors, throw it on the roads.

As a result, many places in the city have turned into a garbage dump. The Nagar Palika Parishad office located on Saikadakhedi road has already installed one such camera which is being tested.

Chief municipal officer Sandeep Shrivastava is serious about the disposal of garbage.

He monitors the waste collection, cleaning up of markets at nights and that of wards.

A section of people, however, do not hand over garbage to the waste-collection vehicles and throw it around the roads, spoiling the civic body’s move to keep the city clean, he said.

The officials of the municipal body will keep an eye on such people through cameras.

In charge of the health wing of the civic body Amit Yadav said that 4-G WIFI cameras, to be installed at five places in the city, would be operated with a mobile phone, and the officials would regularly monitor it.

A camera has already been installed on Saikdakhedi Marg. Other cameras will be installed at Hardaul Lala Temple, Sindhi Coilony, Inglishpura and near the old Allahabad Bank office.

Shrivastava said that keeping the city clean is everybody’s responsibility, and that as the Nagar Palika officials are taking care of the cleanliness drive, the residents should cooperate with them.

If all the residents cooperate with the civic body, the city can be kept clean, Shrivastava said, adding that cameras will be installed to keep an eye on such people as throwing dirt everywhere, so that such people may be penalised.

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Published on: Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 01:22 AM IST