Updated on: Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 09:56 AM IST

Old Bhopal may become corona positive powder keg

Social-distancing norms go haywire; few wear face-coverings

Unlocking barely means the corona pandemic has lost its ferocity. Yet, many have failed to cotton on that.

The government has put in place restrictions to fight down the disease. Still, only a few, especially those in old Bhopal, follow those curbs.

Different was the scene during the lockdown. The administration forced everyone to stay at home. So, the ferocity of the disease was quelled.

Nearly, 1,706 people have recovered because of the city's positive response to the pandemic. The cured ones are in the pink.

It has happened because of the city hospitals' quick response to tackling the virus.

The number of people recovering from the disease in Bhopal is higher than that of other cities across the country.

Many have, however, thrown corona-related caution to the winds. Such refuseniks are seen in old Bhopal.

Social-distancing norms remain a distant dream. All shops are overcrowded. Every store has bottles of hand sanitiser. But only a few use them.

The alleys in Ghoda Nakkas, Ibrahim Pura, Itwara, Chowk Bazar and other places are a sea of humanity. The sight hardly indicates there is fear of the corona pandemic. Many people can be seen eating roadside food. There are no policemen to stop this.

Sporting mask is a must. Yet, nobody bothers about it.

The decision on whether to make people wear face-coverings has been a simple affair.

Many scientists were lobbying for it, on the grounds that they cost nothing. Laboratory tests show that even home-made masks can block transmission. The countries adopting them early also succeeded in containing the disease swiftly.

They hardly know their movements without masks in areas teeming with crowd will spread the disease.

The number of people testing positive for covid-19 is increasing daily.

The scene, however, is very different in new Bhopal where people going out of their homes are never oblivious of wearing mask.

In New Market, all buyers have to sanitise their hands before entering a shop. One has to queue up maintaining social-distancing norms.

Economic life is restarting in Bhopal. Yet, social distancing norms are shattered in many places.

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Published on: Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 09:56 AM IST