Updated on: Monday, November 15, 2021, 12:45 AM IST

Madhya Pradesh: Smart city's unsmart work triggers troubles for residents

Many wards lack drinking water, poor quality material used for drains.

Sagar (Madhya Pradesh): The citizens have begun to put a question mark on the works done by the municipal corporation and the Smart City Limited in the home district of urban development and housing minister Bhupendra Singh Thakur.

The poor quality work has tarnished the image of the minister as well as of the state government, sources said, adding that a few officers need to be bridled.

There are 48 wards in the city. But the residents of Ravishanker, Chameli Chowk, Bill Nagar and Itwari Bazar wards are drinking polluted water.

The commissioner of civic body is, however, beating his own trumpets. Although the minister belongs to this district there is no improvement in the situation. Everything is being done only on paper.

The minister issues instructions to officials to provide clean drinking water, but those orders are not implemented in Sagar district.

They are forced to consume polluted water, because the water pipeline is still connected with drains, the residents said.

The municipal corporation spends crores of rupees on development of the city, but the city is in a bad state.

Many places in the city are strewn with garbage and drains filled with rubbish.

Such places have turned into mosquito-breeding grounds. As a result, many residents are falling ill.

The civic body claims that they are keeping the city clean, and the Swachchta Mission of the Prime Minister is being implemented.

Many roads in the city are littered with rubbish which is spreading various diseases.

The commissioner of the municipal corporation is not doing anything to keep the city clean.

There are many potholes in the roads, which are filled with water. A huge amount of money spent on building and maintaining the roads is going astray.

Because of the potholes, accidents occur daily. The residents demanded an inquiry into the irregularities.

Poor quality construction of drain

A poor quality drain is being constructed outside the office of transport minister Govind Singh Rajput.

According to reports, although there are three ministers who are associated with the city, the agency is doing poor quality work.

Shriji Infrastructure is building a drain outside the office of Rajput. On the one hand the work is going on, but on the other, the drains and ducts are getting damaged.

The duty of a sub-engineer of the Smart City Limited is to check the works done by the company, so that quality of work is maintained.

Sriji Infrastructure which is constructing the drains is using poor quality of iron for making ducts.

The drains and the ducts have been damaged because rusted iron has been used in the ducts.

Sub-engineer Kaushalendra Tomar said that damaged drains and ducts would be reconstructed.

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Published on: Monday, November 15, 2021, 12:45 AM IST