Updated on: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 11:58 AM IST

Commuters throw empty water bottles, wrappers around St Mary’s School


Removed for widening of road, container not placed again

BHOPAL: The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) administration appears to be totally indifferent to problems faced by people because of lack of proper sanitation. There are no garbage container placed on roadsides, consequently, people use water pouch after consuming chips and toss it on road side.

People dump the garbage on road at their wish and will as there is no garbage container at Narmada Bhavan, Link Road No-2, adjacent to St Mary’s School. There are many colonies but if there is no garbage container, it is matter of grave concern. Even there is no garbage container in the vicinity of St Mary’s School. The BMC administration is in dire need of continuous analysis to improve the facilities which it gives to citizens of the state capital. People would be willing to pay taxes on getting better facilities.


Earlier, there was a container placed here but with widening of road, it has not been installed again on roadside after it was removed. Usually, there must be garbage container on roadside for convenience of commuters. Even if BMC does not take care of residential colonies, it should consider the interest of the commuters who do not find any container on road side so where he should dump wrappers of chips packets and used water bottles.”- Pankaj Sangat, 28, government employee

It is a disappointing condition that people have to dump the garbage at roadsides. Many time, we requested the concerning corporator for garbage container but our effort did not bear fruit so far. Even BMC is supposed to place container randomly on roadsides for the convenience of commuters and if there is any school, so for the convenient of students.”- Narendra Shakya, 38, property dealer

There is no option before the people but to dump the garbage on roadside due to the lack of garbage containers. The BMC administration should place containers on roadsides so that people would dump the garbage at appropriate place. Garbage dumped just anywhere invites stray animal to scatter it.”- Shubham Yadav, 23, MBA student

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Published on: Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 10:59 AM IST