Bhopal: Railway, BMC shift blame as  wastage of water continues

Bhopal: The wastage of water near Barkhedi has led to a confrontation between railway Bhopal and the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC). Even as, lakhs of liters of water is going down the drain, the two agencies are busy shifting blame on each other. In a letter to the BMC, railways have asked them to fix the leakage in the area as water is seeping into the railway tracks. On the other hand, BMC is saying that the pipeline repairing work is being carried out but it may take even months to replace the dilapidated pipelines or repair the portion in need of it.

The water leakage started few days ago and initially no action was taken until the wastage of water reached a very high volume after which the source of water leakage were found and fixed by the BMC. The leakage, however, did not stop and continues as the joints in the pipes are bursting one after other. According to the sources water supply pipelines are over three decade old and the joints are developing cracks.

Sources claim development work of the railways in the area is causing cracks in the joints of the pipelines. An estimated 15 lakh gallons of water has gone waste and this amount was sufficient for water supply in 1/10th of city’s population for a day.
BR Sengar, assistant engineer in the BMC said railways have written to him regarding the wastage of water. However, they are responsible for the wastage as the joints in the pipeline are developing cracks as railways are carrying out some construction work in the area, he said.

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