Pragya Thakur
Pragya Thakur

Member of Parliament from Bhopal, Pragya Thakur, known for courting controversies for her statements, has made a huge allegation against former chief minister Digvijaya Singh.

Pragya alleged that Singh was a conspirator in Malegaon. It was because of him that she was tortured. She made the above statements at a press conference at her residence in Bhopal on Friday.

Digvijaya’s hands are reddened with blood and he has the support behind each terrorist act, she said, adding that the Muslims are responsible for Love Jihad.

Those who are involved in Love Jihad should not be allowed to enter anybody’s house, she said.

To save the sisters and daughters, the irreligious people should not be allowed to enter the house of anyone, she added.

She said she would make all efforts to end Love Jihad. Pragya said she demanded capital punishment for the killer of Nikita.

She further said she demanded framing of rules to stop Love Jihad so that those who were involved in it might get stringent punishment.

There are many restrictions on Hindus in the country because of the Congress and the Leftists.

She said there should be acts to punish those who offend the national song and the national anthem.

About Kashmir she said that the situation there would gradually change and that the few terrorists left there soon find their end.

There are some traitors, and Bhopal too has some of them, she said.

About Arif Masood’s demonstration, she said if he had the guts he should go to France and hold such agitation.

In China and France, such people are set right, so they cannot speak there, she said.

There has been a conspiracy in Hathras, and it has come to light through media, and the rest of it will be known through court, she said.

That is the reason why some Naxals reached Hathras in the form of sisters-in-law or maternal aunts, she said.

About Jyotiraditya Scindia, she said the incident of Rani Laxmi Bai is the matter of history, but he supported the removal of the Article 370 and construction of Ram temple, though he was in opposition at that time.

This shows Scindia’s nationalist sentiments, she said.

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