Bhopal: Mechanic, spare parts dealer to be penalised if vehicle is modified

BHOPAL: The transport commissioner has issued orders to not modify the company specification of the two or four wheelers, if the changes are done the mechanic and the spare part dealer will be penalised. The Commissioner has issued the orders on Thursday.

Various complaints and Court orders have been released to check the modifications of the vehicle. Common vehicle modifications life use of high beam lights and pressure horn is causing problems to people as well as for the environment.

Commissioner Shailendra Shrivastava said that the Supreme Court have issued the detail orders in the month of January regarding the vehicle specifications.

It is instructed to install only the high security number plates, which should be provided by the vehicle manufacturers.

The tyres of the vehicles should be according to the manufacturer specification, the owner cannot change the size of the wheels and also none of the dealer or the workshop should install it.

The horn of the vehicles shall be of the specifications. It is specified that some of the dealers and the mechanic are modifying the horns like gun fire or cracker bursting.

The restriction is also made on use of hooters; it should be only used by the permitted vehicles. For the women security and safety the glasses of the vehicle should be remain transparent.

Neither the owner nor the mechanic should fix the dark colour film on the window glasses. The SC had given the orders in the year 2013 regarding the colour intensity to be used as a film. The order also bans installation of high beam lights and bumper guards.

Free Press Journal