Bhopal: Despite getting info about Sidhi bus tragedy, TC leaves for Jaipur

BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chounan has shown compassion to the family members of those who lost their lives in the bus accident in Sidhi on Tuesday.

On the other hand, the transport minister and the commissioner of the department are not at all serious about the accident in which 51 people died.

Even after getting information about the accident on Tuesday, transport commissioner Mukesh Jain left for Jaipur to hold discussions with his counterpart in Rajasthan on Wednesday.

The proposed discussions with the Rajasthan transport commissioner seemed to be more important to Jain than the bus tragedy.

The meeting was for inter-state agreement on transport services between MP and Rajasthan, which could have been put off.

Transport minister Govind Singh Rajput’s insensitivity to the tragedy came to light when he not only took part in a feast but also laughed aloud at a time when the bodies of passengers were being fished out.

According to the permission that Jain took from the administration, he had to go to Jaipur through Gwalior on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, sources in the department said Jain was in Delhi from where he left for Jaipur.

Jain told Free Press that his meeting in Jain was pre-fixed. Therefore, he went there, Jain said. He said he was in Jaipur to discuss inter-state transport system between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

He said reports about his playing cricket match in Jaipur were a rumour.

According to Jain, if necessary he will go to Sidhi, besides his sub-ordinates are looking into the incident.

No technical defects in the bus have so far come to light, he added.

According to KK Mishra general secretary of Congress’s media cell, both transport minister and transport commissioner take interest only in extortions at checkpoints.

Despite the tragedy, one took part in a feast, and the other left for Jaipur to participate in a meeting.

The Chief Minister must remove both of them, Mishra said.

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