51-day corona curfew has been lifted, the city is hobbling back to normal
51-day corona curfew has been lifted, the city is hobbling back to normal

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Still impassive, as behoves its breeding, the state capital has usually carried itself during the second wave of the Covid-19 that gulped down thousands of lives. Now that the 51-day corona curfew has been lifted, the city is hobbling back to normal. The shops have begun to welcome customers. The thoroughfares in the state capital still wear a dismal look, though. The hotels and restaurants are yet to reopen. The curfew is in place on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, there is an air of something missing.

In the meantime, the monsoon has arrived. The absence of the notes of sweet Kajri, a song to welcome the rainy season, at Bharat Bhawan or Ravindra Bhawan, has turned out to be a wet blanket for the season.

In this season, many cultural events are held in the city to welcome the rains. The coronavirus has consumed human lives and stopped cultural events. A large number of residents in the city generally enjoy music, dance, songs and plays.

More than one and a half years have passed since no major cultural events were held in the city.

The residents witnessed international ceramic art exhibition, cartoon show of Irfan Khan, a few plays and a literary event in January and February last year when the nasty virus just began to rage through the world.

There have been no major cultural events in the city after that. As a result, the cultural buffs, as well as foodies, are feeling chocked. Those fond of outing with their families on weekdays are fenced in in their homes. But for looking at the untaxed water falling from the sky, the residents seem to have nothing to do on weekdays.

As the residents have been deprived of cultural events, as well as all other pleasures of life, a strange melancholy has gripped them. More so, they have given a wide berth to the wedding ceremonies fearing the spread of the disease. The situation has come to such a pass that many residents have begun to consult psychiatrists to get rid of the disappointment that the pandemic has put them in.

The only question they ask is how long is not too long? They cannot abide the deprivation of joy anymore. However deep imprint the ruins may have left on the mind of the residents, the city has witnessed the rays of hope. At a time when the Black Death called Covid-19 began to take everyone into its icy grip, a flash of lightning appeared in the sky, turning the melancholy into joy. The monsoon arrives—and arrives with a bang! The virus wanes.

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