What Tarot Card Readings For 2024 Suggest For All Zodiac Signs

What Tarot Card Readings For 2024 Suggest For All Zodiac Signs

Universal Theme for 2024: Two of pentacles – Keep it light, balance, juggle, travel, multi-task 

Gita HarianiUpdated: Friday, January 05, 2024, 06:45 PM IST
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Three of Wands: Friendships, fun, enjoyment, camaraderie 

This year dear Ariens, you have decided to have fun with your tribe. You will participate in many group activities. You are not sitting at home alone, no matter what. Music festivals, art festivals, a lot of chitter chatter, meeting friends, partying, dancing, and celebrating life are going to be the theme. Get your work done on schedule so you have enough time for play. Know what you are doing as everything comes with a consequence. There will be a wonderful sense of community and coming together towards a common goal. This is a good year to conceive for those who are ready. Life is full of joy. 


6 of Pentacles: Receiving what you deserve

You will fairly receive what you deserve for the work you have put in. Your efforts will be recognised, applauded, and well compensated. It can be karmic in a way as you will receive and give what needs to. In this circle of life, we all need to be compensated and compensate others for our deeds. This is a year of fair settlement. Also a good year to share your resources, make donations, and help build community. You will feel valued and that is a wonderful feeling. Money will be good. 


The Emperor: Resilience, power, and discipline; be a leader 

You will move in tandem with the universal energy for 2024, which is a year 8. Very much like the tarot suggests you will be or need to be like the Emperor of your own empire/ life. Take charge, make decisions, and deal with a lot of wealth, resources, investments, savings and growth in business and life. Aspire to grow to the next level in wealth creation, career and personal life. You will wield power and take on responsibilities happily. Remember to take your people along with you with patience and compassion. Be a great leader. 


Wheel of Fortune: Time and tide are changing; change is the only constant

The year 2024 signifies a period of change. You are being urged to move along with the times. Get out of the rut, be brave and jump on to the next phase/ journey in life. Everything is cyclical. Remember, what goes around comes around. Hence treat people how you want to be treated. For some, life may come full circle. Some may come back home and hearth, and some may go out seeking. 


Ace of Cups: Love and emotional fulfilment

Your cup is running over. What a lovely period to give love and receive love. The year 2024 will give you blessings. Surround yourself with people, hobbies, and things that make you happy. Happiness and contentment should be your focus right now. Take a moment to feel and do what you need and crave. Good news, new beginnings, and blessings could be around the corner. Honour and cherish what and who you have. Amid all this, move towards your goals with determination and full heart. Success awaits.  


Eight of Cups: Moving away, gaining perspective 

Have you been consciously or subconsciously carrying someone else’s burdens or responsibilities? You are only weighing yourself down. Either start resolving things or let them go. It’s not your burden to carry. This year make a firm resolve and put yourself first. Move on from what does not serve your highest purpose and change your way of dealing with other people. You have now decided to grow and that means taking some tough decisions. Journeys, pilgrimages, loss, detachment, and abandonment all need to be dealt with. A firm resolve is required which will eventually help you get a more higher and peaceful version of yourself this year. 


Seven of Swords: No shortcuts this year; be diplomatic 

The year 2024 asks us to be true to ourselves and everything we do; no shortcuts and no half measures. Take responsibility and be aware of your dealings with people. Whet everything and everyone. Take care of your belongings as things can be stolen or misplaced. Everyone’s intentions may not be as honourable as yours. It’s a mixed bag but it will teach you to be more vigilant and responsible. Keep all dealings legitimate. 


Knight of Wands: Moving forward, action, travel, contracts 

It is action time. Time to move forward towards new contracts, new goals, and new learnings. There is a kind of excitement and hope in the air. This year, you will move forward with confidence and determination towards your goals. There will be progress all around. Travel will beckon. Be open and receptive to what the universe is giving you. You deserve better. A new confident and determined you will emerge. 


The World: Completion, travel; it’s all coming together

There could be journeys to distant lands. A feeling of fruition and completion. It’s all coming together and finally making sense. Feel the energy and sense the calm of accomplishment and completion. It could also mean that one cycle is completed and a new one will begin soon. 


Ace of Pentacles: New beginnings, prosperity and wealth creation 

There’s a change in the air. New opportunities beckon. New avenues to make money. There is abundance in all spheres around you. You work hard to make your dreams come true. It’s not only about money but about a sense of accomplishment and achievement. You will thoroughly enjoy this period and will be in an upbeat state of mind. Use this period to its full potential. 


Queen of Pentacles: Prosperity and security 

There is a sense of stability, security, prosperity, and achievement in the air. You have come a long way with grit and determination and now you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have earned your place in the world. You are respected today because of your efforts and integrity. This social position, wealth, and grandeur are all yours. Continue to be the force that you are with a loving heart and determination to continue the journey. Enjoy this year. 


Seven of Pentacles: Progress is being made slowly but surely 

Sometimes, it is just a matter of waiting for the right time. Do not despair, the process is being made slowly but surely. Take a closer look at your achievements and you will feel happy about them. Your time will come soon. Your hard work will pay off. Sleep well with confidence that you are doing a great job.

(Gita Hariani is a numerologist, tarot card reader, Bach flowers practitioner and banker. Follow her on Instagram: @evolvewithgitahariani)


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