Spirituality for Millennials: Invest wisely in relationships for long term returns!

Winning relationships is unlike winning medals. Winning medals is about outdoing others' deeds. Winning relationships is about outdoing your wrong attitudes. In relationships what matters most is to understand why you are in it in the first place.

Most people enter into a relationship with hope that this relation will fill the lacunae in their life. Their need is in the forefront of the relationship. People often look for returns from a relationship even before adequate investments have been made. Any venture, which begins without a substantial backing of investment, fails even before it begins.

Whether it is about investing money or investing in a relationship, choosing the right plan is the key. Here is a risk free, easily doable, double guaranteed and triply verified plan for investment in relationships, which pledges multi-fold and long-term returns.

Do something for the others that which they cannot do for themselves!

Why did the Pandavas love Krsna so much? He did for them, what they couldn’t do for themselves. He not only helped them get their kingdom back, but he also helped them handle emotional trauma, sabotage, disunity and insult, with confidence and grace. He never gave them a penny during their years of struggle, though He owned the most fascinating kingdom.

Rather than facilitating their comfort, He chose to facilitate their growth. He tutored them to become self-dependent, rather than depend on circumstances. Moreover, Krsna was with the Pandavas when they went through their toughest challenges as well as their greatest celebrations.

Mystically, in the midst of the most complex dilemmas, they always found him around helping them with his profound yet practical wisdom. Though he never lived with them constantly, they thought of him more than they thought of their closest family members.

The creation of the universe is orchestrated in such a way that every individual has lacunae which he can’t fill. Actively look for opportunities to do something for others that which they cannot do for themselves. If we constantly think about what we deserve from a relationship, then we are actually butchering the quality of the relationship.

When we meditate on what we can do for others, we are actually watering the root of the relationship. When you enter into a relationship looking for massive doses of gratification, you are strangling the relationship even before it has begun to breathe properly. When you focus on valuing others as more valuable then yourself, then you focus on the relationship than on the net profit gained from the relationship.

When one does something which is clearly visible as a genuine expression of one’s decision to treat the other as more important than oneself, that single act solders hearts together.

Invest in this plan of doing something for others that they cannot do for themselves and you will be assured of returns in the form of grateful hearts that will in turn be desperate to invest in a plan that returns your heart.

Take note!

· Number one factor in stabilizing a relationship is how much can you contribute to it.

· One needs to make deposits in a relationship before making withdrawals.

· A healthy plan of investment is to deposit acts of service because love is just not about feelings but also about action.

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