Here's What Hexagram 29 Reveals: Dangerous Situation

Here's What Hexagram 29 Reveals: Dangerous Situation

Attitude of facing danger shouldn’t be mind-numbing, rather perceived as a positive force

Kamakshi Francis FernandesUpdated: Thursday, February 22, 2024, 07:57 PM IST

A dangerous situation that exists is unavoidable and not the result of any man’s doing. By conducting himself carefully and properly he can extricate himself from the danger.

Adaptation to danger is bad

Man can easily get accustom to and adapt himself to danger if it exists for an extended time. He can promptly learn to confrontation danger remaining in the difficult situation indefinitely. This is surely not good.

By remaining in danger, by learning to compensate, adapt, get accustomed to it, a person reduces his effectiveness, impairs his ability to succeed, dissuading him from doing all that he should rightfully do. This eventually leads to failure.

How to move beyond danger

Firstly, recognise danger to fully understand it, to deal with or overcome it and not linger in it. That way, man can master key responses, perceive weak spots and detect ways of going around it. A basic criterion is the necessary change in attitude and actions with a purpose to avoid, not coexist with the danger, but to defeat it, preventing it from destroying his life’s mission.

Importance of danger

Danger that is not simply adapted to, can assist man in his tasks because it points at the precise things that he needs to overcome in order to succeed. No man can ignore criticism of his efforts; as a result, his work is of a higher quality just because that danger exists.

Establishing dangerous possibilities can also be used as protective measures to prevent ill meaning persons from destroying a work in progress. Ignoring danger or allowing it to bring activity to a halt is detrimental.

An inferior teacher avoids addressing the student’s problems rather moves on to a new topic leaving the student with a weak foundation. A solid foundation leads to real progress. Moving on is an illusion of progress; it is really a disservice to students.

The Maxim: The superior man influences others through his consistency and persistence. He never gives up, never relaxes his standards. Instead of running away, he faces problematic times till they are overcome.

Interpreting the lines


Know that this line changes to Hexagram 60: Limitations as a pitfall appears over again, disguised as a beginning; a dreadful repetition and a fall. So, set healthy boundaries, find and walk the middle path as retreating or forwarding movement could lead to disintegration. Avoid getting stuck or engaging with depressive or melancholic feelings. Be steady in your inner space and begin from there; that would be a good and auspicious start.


Strip off old notions you hold; avoid imposing your will. Be flexible, adaptable planning smaller, achievable targets giving purpose to life. Venturing into an abyss is on the cards and appears threatening, dangerous; avoid getting overwhelmed or even quitting. Use your will power, your wittiest ideas, most inspiring thoughts to carry out your desires. Change to Hexagram 8 bodes well.


There is both, advance and retreat; cling onto a steady stone to avoid falling. If you encounter poison while biting through obstacles, let it go through-and-through, do not hold on to it or keep it within. Escape is not a possibility, so a mind full of self-pity, victim consciousness, etc, will lead you to sink deeper. If you persistently push, you could get trapped. Relax and allow yourself to be led, instead flow, co-operate with the harbingers of change to realise your potential. Consult Hexagram 48 for more.


To gain clarity of vision, count and dwell upon your blessings. Realise the joy and power of simplicity. At crossroads amidst activities, one could feel trapped; but not a time for war as a rescue is planned. Gain and growth will be through criticism. Approach your fears calmly and thoughtfully to overcome them. Focus on your life principles, ideals and morals as the approaching group is not at war with you, nor are they outlaws. They are supportive and friends of your future. Further connect to Hexagram 47.


Dangers disperse; great leaders meet to build a coalition. Read Hexagram 7: Army to realise that it is the right time for a decisive move, an encounter or a battle. Victory is certain. There is discipline in the army allowing balance in mind matters. Cease the moment; capture your enemy; express joy of freedom from bondage. Observe people too are experiencing freedom from isolation and loneliness.


Accept change; chuck negativity, be optimistic, open and generous. That way your results will outshine the impositions. Stubbornness may lead to being judged with drastic consequences like being imprisoned and tied up. The way being closed, it is a trap in a thorny forest with no opportunity to gain for the next three years. Look deeper for positive implications by reading Hexagram 59: Dispersion.

(The columnist is a Naturopathy and Reiki practitioner and pursues astrology as a hobby)


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