The Role Of Herbs In Astrology

The Role Of Herbs In Astrology

These jadi booties are a good alternative as against expensive gems to treat planetary afflictions

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In Indian Ayurveda, tree roots are used as an alternative to gems. Just like precious gemstones, roots are used by astrologists and Ayurvedic sciences to to gain auspicious benefits of planets and treat planetary afflictions. Seasoned practitioners of Ayurveda and astrology know that holding gems for a particular planet may have side-effects on the life of a person. Similarly, when roots are worn on the body, Sadhaks can enjoy, not only astrological benefits similar to gemstones, but also prove cost-effective and have no side-effects. Thus, these jadi booties or herbs are a good alternative for the common man as against expensive gems to treat planetary afflictions.


“He who does not understand astrology, is not a doctor, but a fool,” said Hippocrates, father of modern medicine. Medical astrology is a part of the study of ancient Vedic horoscopes through which diseases can be diagnosed from birth signs, houses and related planets. Created by Lord Venkatesha, and promoted by sages like Shushrut, Charak, Shalya and others, Ayurveda uses herbs like tree roots called jadi for treatments. Rahu and Ketu are the two nodes of the moon and as per Ayurveda, the two jadi-booties of Nagamotha and Ashwagandha are related to healing an afflicted northern and southern node of the moon, that is Rahu and Ketu. White sandalwood is worn to overcome ill effects of Rahu while chanting the Rahu mantra: Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Raahavey Namah. Let us look at addressing the Rahu Dosh with the medicinal jadi or root Nagmotha.


What is Rahu and its dosh? Rahu is the northern lunar node, also called the shadow planet or the King of meteors and basically it is the ascension of the moon in its early orbit around the earth. Rahu kaal during the day is supposed be the inauspicious time.

Afflictions related to Rahu dosh It is the cause of mental weakness like anxiety, depression, fear, inducing the Sadhak or patient to speak impudently, involve in acts like gambling, cheating, theft and journeying, accidents, etc. Rahu dosh is manifested as vaat and related disorders linked to skin, intestinal issues like worms, dysentery, constipation, food poisoning, cholera, cancer, blood issues and uterine problems among others.

How does Nagmotha help

Also called as Nut grass or Cyprus Rotundus, Nagmotha balances the kaph, vaat and pitta in the body. It is used to cure symptoms like thirst and lack of appetite and illnesses related to blood, fevers and skin diseases like oedema, etc.

Advantages of consuming Nagmotha

Enhances lactation in mothers when consumed or applied superficially

Enhances appetite or basic interest in food and eating

A decoction can relieve fever and its symptoms.

Consumption of the same can improve digestive strength

Aids in the cure of urinary tract disorders when had as a decoction with herbs like berberis, aristata, deodar and triphala

It has amazing results when used to cure respiratory congestion, cough, bronco-pulmonary congestion, bronchitis, loosened mucous and phlegm deposits, Tuberculosis, etc

It is a great remover of toxins

It is used in the cure of Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and cancer

Its oil is used to address hair related issues like hair fall and as a tonic to strengthen the hair and rejuvenate the scalp

It is known as a brain tonic and boosts memory

It is also used to cure dysmenorrhea, hyper salivation, excessive itching and swelling in private parts and eyes, body parts that fall asleep, blood while urination, nervous system, rheumatoid arthritis, Hepatitis B, diabetes, alcoholism


After churning the ocean when Mohini, the female avatar of Vishnu, was distributing amrit only to the devtas, Svarbhanu — a demon sat with the devas and drank it to become immortal. Surya and Chandra informed Mohini who cut-off the head of the Svarbhanu with the Sudarshan Chakra. Being immortal, the demon did not die. The demon’s head came to be known as Rahu and the body as Ketu.

Planets, zodiacs and tree roots

The 12 zodiac signs have certain jadis or roots associated with them. Find below a list of astrological planetary equivalent to zodiacs and roots that could be worn over the body.


The Sun – Leo – Belmool or aegle marmelos

The Moon – Cancer – Khirni ki jad or manilkara hexandra

Rahu – Nagmotha and safed chandan

Ketu – Ashwagandha or winthania somnifera

Mercury – Gemini, Virgo – Vidharamool or argyreia speciosa

Venus – Taurus, Libra – Erundmool or castor, sharpunkha also known as tephrosia purpurea

Mars – Aries, Scorpio – Anantamool or hemidesmus

Jupiter – Sagittarius, Pisces – Banana, haldi ki ganth or turmeric root

Saturn – Capricorn, Aquarius – Dhature ki jad or dhatura wrighti

*Disclaimer: Please consult a professional Ayurvedic practitioner on the scientific uses of jadi booties.


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