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Beaches and festivals – Come, explore Daman and Diu


Natural beauty, serenity and peacefulness are the attributes that define Daman and Diu most appropriately. A Portuguese territory for more than four centuries, the two union territories became part of the Indian Republic in 1961. A site where history, heritage and cultural diversity come together, it proudly houses a variety of traditions. While Daman and Diu is widely popular for its scenic mesmerising attractions, it has a rich significance in the chapters of history.

Daman and Diu constitutes of two districts separated by approximately 650 kilometers. Being one of the least populated places in India, there are plentiful opportunities for one to enjoy a quaint and relaxed holiday here. It is surrounded by the exquisite waters of the Arabian Sea, which offers a bite into the extravagance of natural beauty the place has been blessed with. The Festa De Diu, regarded as Asia’s longest beach festival, takes place in Diu. This year, the festivities started on December 1, 2015, and will continue until February 1, 2016. A variety of cultural programs and performances have been scheduled for the enjoyment and excitement of the tourists.

This union territory has an unmistakable air of calmness and allows travellers tranquillity, serving as an escape from the maddening hustle bustle of everyday life.


Places to visit

With a mesmerising environment consisting of natural exquisiteness, lovely and picturesque beaches, a rich cultural heritage, and boasting a historical significance, there are several attractions that Daman and Diu houses that travellers and vacationers must visit.

The Diu Fort, a massively built monument surrounded by waters of the Arabian Sea on three sides, dates back to the 16th century. It was jointly constructed by the Portuguese and Bahadur Shah, Sultan of Gujarat, to fortify their territory. The lush gardens within the premises give this historical monument a breath of freshness. Canons, a prison and a lighthouse are housed within the fort.


For beach lovers, what better way to spend one’s holidays on a stretch of clean sand, sitting lazily and relishing nature in all its glory at the most popular and undoubtedly beautiful Nagoa Beach. The crystal clear waters at the beach offer a tempting opportunity for swimmers, while adventure seekers can indulge in activities and sports along the beach.

St. Jerome Fort, situated along the northern side of the Damandanga River, was originally constructed to monitor the activities of the sea. Its architectural grandeur is highlighted by the Church of Our Lady, which draws stark influences from the Portuguese culture. Named after St. Jerome, a statue of the notable personality has been constructed atop the main entrance gate.

Zampa Gateway, marking the entryway of Daman and Diu, is a lovely constructed architectural gem dating back to medieval times. Intricate and creative designs adorn the walls and the gateway. A chapel is situated inside the gate.


Where to stay

When your vacation is spent in a beautiful location, embodying the best of everything an ideal holiday is supposed to comprise of – scenic delight, serenity and quaintness, and a rich cultural heritage – picking an accommodation amongst Daman resorts that’s nothing short of perfect is an absolute must. Sterling Holidays’ Casa Tesoro offers a tranquil environment, offering guests and members plentiful opportunities to unwind and relax. Spend your afternoons on the shore, admiring the picturesque scenic view laid out like a beautiful spread.

Some of the amenities offered by the resort include a multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool and a holiday activities center. Members can choose from a Studio or 1 Bedroom Apartment; while guests have an option of Classic, Premiere Suite or Privilege Suite.


The weather of the union territory remains pleasant throughout the calendar, something that makes it a perfect getaway or vacation for any time of the year. Owing to the pleasantness of the weather, one can visit Daman and Diu in any season; however, the best time to holiday here is known to be from the months of October to March. During summers, the temperature range from a high of 37 degrees Celsius to a low of 26 degrees Celsius. The monsoons bring along heavy rainfall, making it extremely difficult for travellers to explore the plethora of tourist attractions of the union territory. Winters are preferred by many vacationers, with mercury levels lying between a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and minimum of 10 degree Celsius.

How to reach

While the Daman Airport shares excellent connectivity with some of the major cities across India, it is principally used for military purposes. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai serves as the closest major commercial airport for Daman, situated around 170 kilometers away. From there, one can either take flights from Mumbai to Daman, or enjoy a road trip in state owned buses or private taxis.

The nearest railhead is approximately 10 kilometers away, in Vapi. Trains from numerous towns and cities – including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai and many more – arrive at the station.

For road trip enthusiasts, Daman has excellent road connectivity to cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad – the former being nearly 180 kilometers and the latter almost 380 kilometers away.

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