French President
French President

France President Emmanuel Macron has urged ‘certain’ G7 nations to lift the export ban on raw materials necessary to produce COVID-19 vaccines to India. Before suggesting that it will help in the production of vaccines for the poorest countries, Macron hoped an agreement will be reached among nations at G7 Summit in this regard.

During an address ahead of the G7 Summit, the French president highlighted the export bans by several G7 member countries which have blocked production in other countries and sometimes blocked production in middle-income countries which is essential for the production of vaccines for the poorest countries. "I will take just one example, India", he said.

"India, in particular Serum Institute of India (SII), has been blocked by export restrictions on ingredients needed to produce vaccines from certain G7 economies. Restrictions must be lifted so India can produce more for itself and quickly supply Africans in particular, who are dependent on its production," he stressed.

It should be noted that the US, a G7 member nation, had imposed an export ban of critical raw materials needed to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines mainly due to an Act that forces American companies to prioritise domestic consumption.

The suppliers of its raw materials, which is in high demand globally and sought after by major Indian manufacturers, are being forced to provide it only for domestic manufacturers in the US.

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