Guiding Light: How to begin your spiritual journey

There is no definite starting point or criteria to begin practising spirituality. You can get onto the path of spirituality from any point in your life and from wherever you are at the time. The most important aspect of the process of spirituality is the spirit of enquiry. It is your curiosity that will eventually lead you towards the path of spirituality.

The process of questioning or figuring out answers to your questions is done through Nigam Agam. This is a technique of answering or questioning where one person asks the questions and another gives the answers. The two people involved in this process are a guru or a spiritual master and his disciple. Through this system of questioning and receiving answers, one can be led on to the path of spirituality where he or she will continue his journey till the very end.

There are absolutely no restrictions to questions that can be asked on this part. There can be questions of all shapes, forms, and sizes from the most trivial to earth-shattering. For example, if your question is on how a needle is manufactured then the answer will itself take you into the entire elaborate process of the manufacturing of a needle from its point of origin to the end product and how it is produced.

And similarly, if the question is how was the universe formed even that will be wonderfully answered taking you into the depths of the origin and mysteries of the universe. No question is too small or too big to be answered in this process of Nigam Agam.

However, if the questions are related to the material world, then the answer too will be limited. But if the question is spiritual or existential in nature then the answers to those questions will be unlimited and ever-evolving as the process of spirituality changes with every decade. For example, the scientific theories that were propounded 50 years ago are now seen with a fresh perspective in the light of new research conducted by scientists all over the world.

And just as we are constantly discovering new facets of the world that we live in every day, spirituality too reveals new aspects of the spiritual world and our lives in this existence. Some techniques to help you develop on this path of spirituality are Darpan Dhyan, golden elephant meditation and white elephant meditation techniques.

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