Guiding Light: How nature can help heal and expand awareness?

A human being is a creation of nature. And only nature can uplift and heal a being of nature. It is only in an organic environment that the senses, organs and overall wellness in a human are awakened.

Nature is therapeutic. The fresh air, the natural mud, the flowing water, the various denizens at work, the equilibrium of it all, the rhythm of it all – it has a real trance effect on the awareness and consciousness. Being in the wild and being in tune with nature takes a human being back to his origins. These origins are but a source of pure life force energy radiated by the atmosphere.

And by nature, it is not meant that we should go out and live in the jungles. Synchrony with Mother Nature is about flowing with the universe. Waking up early, sleeping early, finishing last meal before sunset, eating natural foods rather than processed ones, meditating all count as actions ushering a human being to resonate with the nature’s harmony.

Today, as man has become more of an indoor creature, a trend reinforced by the pandemic, the beauty of the universe on the green planet lies unexplored and waiting to enchant anyone who seeks solace in it.

The indoor tendencies of modern man are in stark contrast to the generations past who spent majority of the day in the wilderness. Starting from the early morning walks, exposing the feet to the overnight dew-wet grass and cleaning teeth with ‘datoon’, the ancient toothbrush and toothpaste rolled into one.

Listening to the rooster as pre-sunrise alarm, melody of the cuckoo as the morning song, mooing of the cows. Then at mid-day, the soothing solace of the leafy tree which sheltered one against the scorching sun.

Going further back in time, man also ate on a plate made of leaves. So even meals were in the lap of nature. No wonder then that lifestyle disorders were unknown to mankind up until 30-40 years back.

Contemporary man ought to realize that natural living reduces stress, boosts immunity, instils one with life force energy, catalyses a human to connect with his evolutionary instinct and makes one grounded to the roots.

(The author is a founder of Dudes & Dolls World, Adhyay School, and Ritesh Rawal Foundation)

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