Guiding Light by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Overcoming events

When you see your life from a bigger context of time and space, then you realize your life is nothing. All the problems that you face in life are because you attach over importance to the events and don't look at events from a broader perspective. The events grow bigger while you remain smaller. Say, for example, you are riding a motorbike on a busy motorway and in front of you, there is another vehicle emitting exhaust fumes. You have three options.

1. You can complain, somehow bear with it, and still follow the vehicle.

2. You can slow down or wait for some time to allow the vehicle to move far away from you.

3. You can use your skill, overtake the vehicle, and forget about it.

As in the first case, most of you stick on the events and are miserable, like inhaling fumes throughout your journey. When there is misery you feel life as a burden. And we take trivial things very seriously.

In the second case, you don't get permanent relief, as another bigger vehicle might come in front of you. Like that, running away from events is not a permanent solution.

However, wise people use their skill and grow over the events. If the mind is free from conditioning, the skill comes naturally. Conditioning of the mind can be removed by sadhana or practice. Whether the practice gives you joy or boredom, it must be continued. Only the practice can annihilate the conditioning of the Mind and lift it up from past events. Sadhana is going towards your nature, it is becoming what you truly are!

The mistakes that you have made in the past have made you humble; you need not make mistakes in the future to become humble. When you are humble you need to see that you are unique and dear to the Divine, which brings confidence. Confidence blended with humility is most appreciated by everybody.

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