Guiding Light by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Alone, yet not lonely!

If you think nobody loves you, know for sure that you are loved. The earth loves you; that’s why it is holding you upright. The love of the earth is its gravitational force. The air loves you; that’s why it moves through your lungs even when you are sleeping. The Divine loves you very dearly, deeply. Once you realise this, you will never feel lonely.

Someone's company cannot fill your loneliness. Even if it does, it is very short-lived. If you could be comfortable being alone for some time, then you will not feel lonely.

If you enjoy being with your Self, you will not be a boring personality. If you are lonely, then you can be boring to others. And that will make you more lonely! Any company looks very good from a distance.

Those who are in company all the time look for the comforts of solitude and those who are in solitude feel lonely and want to be in company. Everyone is looking for a perfect balance. From time to time, keep a little distance from whomsoever close to you. So sometime during the day, sit for a few minutes and meditate. Then you will not feel lonely even when you are alone.

One way to get over the feeling of loneliness is to do some service (seva) and be useful to people around you. The service you did will bring a revolution inside you.

Every time you are lonely, you are just coming in touch with your own boundaries. It is your limitation and boundary that is the real cause of your unhappiness. Just be grateful and pray for peace. That very moment, you will start smiling and however hopeless the situation is, you will walk through it.

You cannot force enthusiasm and confidence to come back to you. When you feel useless, use that time to be prayerful and you will see that you will gain back your confidence and enthusiasm. Whether it is extreme joy or happiness or terrible misery, there is a part of every human being that remains untouched by that. Similarly, you can’t go on mourning all your life...

Our wish should be that whomever we meet be happy and radiate happiness.

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