Guiding Light by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Let go off all the reins

Sukha (pleasure), dukha (sorrow), logic and feverishness — these four reins pull you backwards. Even after experiencing different pleasures, you think there is pleasure somewhere else. You are pulled by the rein of pleasure. Every pleasure has been so momentary, has left your hands empty, depleted, drained. Yet one hopes for more pleasure, some unknown, unseen pleasure.

Sukha is pleasure and Duhkha, the fear of sorrow. What is the sorrow that you are afraid of? What is going to happen to you? You have gone through many problems. As a child, you cried so many times when a toy broke. But what happened? You passed through that. You have passed through many stumbling blocks in life, which you thought were impossible. Yet you remained untouched by any of them. Nothing could ever shake you. It appeared to have shaken you at that moment, but later on you found that you are as complete as were before.

And then there is desire for more, wanting more and more. We burn with desire; and this burning in desire does not allow you to relax into the peace of your being. Unless you let go of the desires, you can never find peace, you can never rest in the divine love. Love is the process of dissolving, of giving, of offering, of serving. If you do service to gain some merit, it is not service.

Let go of these desires. When you are able to let go, then you blossom. Wait for the blossoming. Wait for the time; don’t be in a hurry. Every bud takes its own time to bloom; don’t force a bud to become a flower. You will have to follow a certain code of conduct. This is the manure by which the rose of love will blossom.

Be non-violent, not just in your action, but also in your heart, in your speech, in your thoughts. You may be non-violent in action due to fear of the law. But in the mind when you said, ‘‘I am going to kill them! I am going to choke them!’’ you have already choked them.

Follow the Truth. Be with the Truth. Be with the existence. It means live in the moment. Existence is Truth. Often, we mistake ‘being truthful’ to mean just speaking the truth. It’s not just speaking truth; but expressing truth through your whole life.

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